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Trendspotting – Social Media and PR

Resistance Continues, but the Practice of Law Is Transforming

Trendspotting – Optimizing Web Presence

LMA Podcast: Episode 13 - BoK and Technology Management

Rebranding 101: Managing the Project [Part 3]

Trendspotting – The Text Frontier

Rebranding 101: Who Should You Involve During the Rollout? [Part 2]

Trendspotting – Ch-ch-changes

Rebranding 101: Who Should Be Involved at the Outset?

Trendspotting – Working the Room

Building a Top-of-Mind Brand: Awareness

Trendspotting – Own Your Marketing Plan

Cheers to 5 Years: 2017 P3 Conference – Day Two

2017 P3 Conference – Day One

Client Journey Mapping: Part 2

LMA Podcast: Episode 12 – Data and Metrics

Trendspotting – Website Wonders

LMA Podcast: Episode 11 - BoK and Marketing Management and Leadership

Trendspotting - The Search is Over!

Client Journey Mapping: Part 1

Trendspotting - It's More Than Alright to Write

The Voice of the Client: Part 2

Livestreaming: New Tool for Law Firms

Trendspotting - Connecting Through Content

LMA Podcast: Episode 10 – Alternative Fee Arrangements

Applying Intelligence to All Aspects of Law

Trendspotting - It's A Process

2017 LMA Annual Conference Session Recaps – Pre-Conference Programs

Trendspotting - Content for Your Clients

Wooing the Gator: Aligning Behavioral Economics With Legal Marketing

LMA Podcast: Episode 09 – Client Engagement

Trendspotting - LMA Annual Conference Edition

LMA Podcast: Episode 08 - Live at #LMA17

Join the Annual Conference Takeaway #LMAchat

Try a Pod: 7 Legal Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Trendspotting - Does This Gauge Your Interest?

Choose Your Own Adventure: Collaborative, Purpose-Driven or Traditional Research Path

Trendspotting - Success Isn't a Secret

LMA Podcast: Episode 07 - BoK and Client Services

Take a Look: Josh Kubicki Discusses the ‘Intrapreneur’ Dilemma

Should We Do This? Survey Results to Help You Effectively Discuss Submissions With Attorneys

Trendspotting - Need a Blog Boost?

DIY Competitive Intelligence, Part 3: Current Awareness

Trendspotting - Get Down to Business

Sponsored Content: Technology to Keep Pace With Changing Demands of Market

Trendspotting - It's All About Who You Know

Tackling the Challenge of PR Measurement

LMA Podcast: Episode 06 – Outside Counsel Guidelines

Law Firms Can Learn How to Adapt From Accounting Firms

Trendspotting - 'Selling' Sales to Your Lawyer

AI: The 'Next Big Thing,' Challenges and Opportunities

Trendspotting - Embracing Change

DIY Competitive Intelligence: Company Research

Trendspotting - You Need a Team to Succeed

LMA Podcast: Episode 05 - BoK and Communications

Business Development Coaching: The Role of Legal Marketers in Associate Development

The Voice of the Client

Trendspotting - Rethink How You Think

Road Tested: Online Collaboration Tools

Trendspotting - Searching for Successful SEO?

Enhance Your Social Media Presence With Facebook Live

Trendspotting - Put a Spark In Your Strategy

LMA Podcast: Episode 04 - BoK and Business of Law

DIY Competitive Intelligence Part 1: Research Tools

Trendspotting - Surviving the 'Reachapocalypse'

Turn Clients Into Advocates Through Brand Experience

Top Five Registered Webinars of 2016

Trendspotting - Jingle All the Way

LMA Podcast: Episode 03 - BoK and Business Development

Business Development: A Full-time (Equivalent) Role in Law

Trendspotting - 'Tis the Season

Does Your Marketing Technology Fit Your Firm?

Trendspotting - Happy Holiday Marketing

At the Intersection of Marketing and Technology

Trendspotting - The Future is Near

LMA Podcast: Episode 02 - Body of Knowledge Overview

6 Technology Resource Recommendations

Trendspotting - How to Give Clients What They Really Want

Meet the New Legal Marketer

Does Your Headline Open the Gate for Your Audience?

Trendspotting - Survey Says: Break From the Status Quo

Opting in to Operations

Trendspotting - Time to Get Social

LMA Podcast: Episode 01 – Professional Development and P3

Strategies+: Off the Shelf

Trendspotting - Quality Over Quantity

Time to Bring Back the Summer Associate

Let's Talk Blogs at the #LMAchat

Trendspotting - Everyone Makes Mistakes

Website Trends to Avoid

Trendspotting - Kick Your Creative Communications into Gear

Show Me the Money

Trendspotting - Business Is Out There

Client Interviews: The Cure for Client Myopia

Presidents’ Gift Recipient Shares Her Insights

Trendspotting - Location is Everything

Website Trends That You Need to Know About

Trendspotting - Leading Legal Marketing

What Do Your Clients Want? Ask Your New Friends in Legal Procurement

Trendspotting - The Key To Content

Dealing with Addiction in a Law Firm Environment

Trendspotting - Invest in Your Mindset

Join the First #LMAchat

Trendspotting - Follow Up To Take the Lead

From Courting to Cross Selling

Guide Your Firm’s Vision for Growth

Weekly Trendspotting - Update, Upgrade, Repeat

Leadership Is a Choice

Weekly Trendspotting - Knowledge is Power

The Latest Trends in Legal Marketing and Business Development

Weekly Trendspotting - Marketing Matter(s)

Brexit: Next Steps for Law Firms

Weekly Trendspotting - Law Lock Down

The True Client-centered Firm Strategy

Weekly Trendspotting - What Legal Marketers Can Learn from Olympians

Competitive Intelligence in the Legal Industry

Weekly Trendspotting - Lead the Way

Marketing Your Practice: Don’t Hide Behind Technology

Weekly Trendspotting - Old Consumer Habits...Die Easy

Leading from the Front as a Legal Marketing Professional

Weekly Trendspotting - Listening is Winning

Strategies +: Off the Shelf

Weekly Trendspotting - The Science Behind Your Clients

Implementing Client Feedback Programs Despite Internal Resistance

Weekly Trendspotting - Lights, Camera, Legal Marketing

The State of Digital and Content Marketing

Weekly Trendspotting - Do Something (Everything) Different

Differentiating from Competitors

Weekly Trendspotting - Out With the Old...

Marketers as Law Firm Leaders: Planning to Plan

Weekly Trendspotting - An FYI for Your ROI

Do You Have a Seat at the Table? Four Ways to Show Your Strategic Value

Weekly Trendspotting - Make Your Lawyers a Real Catch

Are You An Effective Communicator?

Weekly Trendspotting - It Pays to be a 'Know It All'

Compensation: Is Bigger Always Better?

Weekly Trendspotting - Go (Client) Team!

That's a Wrap: 2016 P3 Conference - Day Two

2016 P3 Conference - Day One

Weekly Trendspotting - What You Need to Succeed?

Session Preview: Alternative Fee Arrangements in High Stakes Litigation

Weekly Trendspotting - Lead by (Website) Design

Are People Reading Your Blog?

Weekly Trendspotting - Help Clients to Help You

The Legal Marketer of the Future

Weekly Trendspotting - Let's Get Technical

Belts, Blunders and Brands

Sneak Peek: Jeffrey Carr Talks 'Moving the Needle'

Weekly Trendspotting - Annual Conference Edition

Weekly Trendspotting - #Trademarks

The Law Firm as a Learning Organization

Weekly Trendspotting - Keep Calm & PR On

(Truly) Taking Marketing to the Next Level

Weekly Trendspotting - Being 'Smart' is Not Enough

Emerging Role of the Marketing Technologist in Law Firms

Weekly Trendspotting - Have No Fear

Transitioning into a Successful Legal Marketing Career

Weekly Trendspotting - Cross-Selling Champions

Technology and the 3 Ps: A Perspective

Weekly Trendspotting - Baby Steps in Business Development

Succeeding Solo: Marketing with a Team of One

Weekly Trendspotting - The "Long Simmering Debate" of MBAs in the Law Firm

7 Steps to Develop and Sustain a Successful Alumni Program

Weekly Trendspotting - A Cautionary Tale: Law Firms & RFPs

Tomorrow's Legal Marketer: Preparedness Is Your Key to Success

Weekly Trendspotting - Blast from the Past

The Evolution of Pricing & LPM Roles

Weekly Trendspotting - Listen Up!

Survey: How Do PR Professionals Divide Their Time?

Client Loyalty: What Law Firms Can Learn from Man's Best Friend

Weekly Trendspotting - Outside the Box

Presidents’ Gift Recipients Share Their Stories

Weekly Trendspotting - What's Next

P3 2016: A Sneak Peek

Fund Your Marketing Budget with Time Rather than Money

How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn Ads

How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads

CRM: A Litmus Test of Law Firm Evolution

Weekly Trendspotting - 'Tis the Season

How to Get the Most Out of Twitter Ads

Weekly Trendspotting - Holiday Hullabaloo

Weekly Trendspotting - Storytelling + Strategy

The State of the 3 Ps

Weekly Trendspotting - 'Thanks' for the Ideas

LMA Comes to Competitive Intelligence

Weekly Trendspotting - Literally Legal

Presidential Recognition: 2015 Presidents' Gift Recipient Shares Her Experience

Weekly Trendspotting - Newsworthy

Coaching Your Attorneys Through a Dry Spell

Insider Tips on Creating a Stand-Out Your Honor Awards Entry

Weekly Trendspotting - Spooky Marketing Truths

Public Relations in the Law Firm: An Inside Perspective

Weekly Trendspotting - The .law Dilemma

Can Law Firms Tackle Intimacy? Marketing in an Era of Brand Distrust

Weekly Trendspotting - It's All About the Inbox

7 Tips for Presenting Your Best Your Honor Awards Entry

LMA Midwest Conference Round Up

Weekly Trendspotting - The More You Know

Wargaming: Are You Prepared to Compete?

Weekly Trendspotting - Race for Relevance

Competitive Intelligence vs. Market Research

3 Ways to Present Content

Weekly Trendspotting - Change is Coming

Weekly Trendspotting - Jobs, Effective Marketing & More

Creating a Culture of Business Development: A Case Study

Weekly Trendspotting - Let's Do the Time Warp

Sales Professionals in the Law Firm: Are We Finally Ready?

The New Legal Marketer (Strategies Magazine)

Weekly Trendspotting - Librarians to the Rescue

Create a Marketing Plan for an Associate - And Get Them to Stick to It

Weekly Trendspotting - It's All About Ideas

5 Questions You Probably Have About Competitive Intelligence

Weekly Trendspotting - The BigLaw Brand

FAQs: Coaching for Results

Weekly Trendspotting - Meet Your Match

Are You Marketing Visually?

Weekly Trendspotting - Podcast Round-up

When and How to Use Stock Photography

Weekly Trendspotting - No More Humiliation

Weekly Trendspotting - Content Marketing Tips from Comic-Con

Building the Blueprint for Legal Marketing Education

Making the "A" List: Chambers USA Rankings

Shine Bright: 5 Tips for Reaching Your Star Potential

Ever Wondered What Attorneys Really Want?

Weekly Trendspotting - News Apps on Fleek

Weekly Trendspotting - Twitter Shakes Things Up

2015 LMA P3 Conference - Day Two Round-up

2015 LMA P3 Conference - Day One Round-up

Weekly Trendspotting - Digital is the Word

How Top Law Firms Rank in their Use of Social Technology

A First Timer’s Experience at the LMA Annual Conference

Weekly Trendspotting - Out with Tradition

The Leap into Legal

An International Perspective: Israel's Legal Market in 2015

Weekly Trendspotting - Hashtag #LikeABoss

Maximizing the Value of Your PR Firm Relationship

Weekly Trendspotting - Drones, Wearables & VR: Oh My!

Weekly Trendspotting - Sharing is Caring

A Twist on Client Feedback Programs

Weekly Trendspotting - Emojis Take Over

Procurement in Legal Marketing (Strategies Magazine)

The Three Ps of Legal Marketing

Weekly Trendspotting - Mobilegeddon

Weekly Trendspotting - Let's Get Digital

Big Data: It’s Here, It’s Now, It’s … In Law Firms?

Weekly Trendspotting - Content Marketing: The Right and The Wrong

Starmaking: How to Mentor From Within

Weekly Trendspotting - Social Media with a Conscience

Weekly Trendspotting - Facebook, Love, Neo Prep and Cute Cows

14 Marketing Buzzwords to Avoid in 2015 (Strategies Magazine)

Weekly Trendspotting - Storytelling with a Purpose

The Most Marketable Law Firm Ever

Weekly Trendspotting - President Obama and Viral Marketing

Perspectives on Marketing Measurement (Strategies Magazine)

Weekly Trendspotting - The Secret Success of the GRAMMYs

18 Minutes of Fame: Making an Unforgettable Impression

Weekly Trendspotting - Why Resumes Are Worthless

Want to Contribute to Strategies+?

Weekly Trendspotting - How Teenagers View Social Media

Positive Media Exposure: Elevate Your Practice and Your Firm

Weekly Trendspotting - The Internet of Things

The Care & Feeding of Difficult People

Are You Falling Down on Following Up?

Meet 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee Mark Beese

Forget the Funnel. Enter the Loop.

Meet 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee Nathaniel 'Nat' Slavin

Product Development: The Next Phase for Law Firm Marketing

Thinking 'Out-of-the-Box': LMA 2014 Outstanding Chapter Award Winner

Technology’s Role in Business Development Coaching

Coaching Chameleon — Adapt to Any Level of Attorney

When Persuading, Body Language Beats Words

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