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Weekly Trendspotting - Race for Relevance

Posted by LMA International on Oct 1, 2015 12:00:00 PM

How to Stay Relevant in an Age of Disruption | Inc.Keep Your Firm Relevant

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzzworthy trends in marketing to inspire its members. Continue reading for the biggest stories from the week of September 28, including ways to keep your brand relevant.

1. How to Stay Relevant in an Age of Disruption

Long-term success depends on staying ahead of the competition — and in close touch with your customers. Read more from Inc.

2. How to Transform Your Unique Selling Proposition into Effective Web Content

The process of writing web content can seem tedious and repetitive, making it easy to start taking shortcuts or using platitudes. Firms must overcome these difficulties to develop web content that works — content that boasts a real distinction. Read more on the Custom Legal Marketing blog.

3. 4 Ways To Maintain Marketing Relevance Through Reinvention

The threat of extinction or being left behind in the market does not supersede any company, even Apple, but there are certain ways to counter the timeline and get back the competitive edge that makes a brand, a product, or even a company worth not just buying but promoting for its customers. Read more from Forbes.

4. A Conversation About Native Advertising, Editorial Integrity, and Brand Reputation

Native advertising, a form of sponsored content, is a fast-growing method for promoting products. Read more on the All About Advertising Law blog.

5. 7 Ways to Ignite Innovation and Surpass Your Competition

Innovation is thought inspired by creativity, movement, belief and action. It is about opening your mind to new possibilities by moving past fixed and rigid thinking into more nontraditional and risk-taking thought processes. To remain competitive in business, innovation is everything. Read more on Entrepreneur.

Check back weekly for more industry trends from around the Web!

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