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24 Activities for Your Additional 24 Hours This Leap Year

Posted by LMA International on Feb 24, 2020 2:24:18 PM

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By LMA International

This Saturday, February 29, we experience a leap day — an extra 24 hours to keep the Gregorian calendar aligned with earth’s revolutions around the sun. To make the most of this special day, we’ve compiled a list of 24 activities to maximize your time during leap year 2020.

1. Register for the LMA Annual Conference

Take a moment to complete your registration for the 2020 LMA Annual Conference, March 25-27 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention center in Denver. Hear from insightful speakers and enjoy opportunities to connect with peers from around the globe.

2. Stay Connected by Following LMA on Social Media

Stay up-to-date on all things LMA by following LMA’s social channels. You can find LMA on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

3. Get Some Fresh Air

Don’t be a desk jockey! Strategies author Anne Flanegan suggests building in healthy habits into your day, like getting up to stretch or walking outside. For more career-focused resolutions to make this your best year yet, check out the checklist on page 25 in the January/February issue of Strategies magazine.

4. Join a Shared Interest Group (SIG)

LMA offers 10 Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) designed for networking, educating and sharing best practices. Join a SIG to connect with like-minded individuals and take advantage of this peer-to-peer interaction.

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"Join a SIG to connect with like-minded individuals and take advantage of this peer-to-peer interaction."

5. Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time while enjoying an enlightening conversation. The LMA Podcast focuses on hot topics in legal marketing, member education and the business of law. Podcast episodes are available on both SoundCloud and iTunes.

6. Practice Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation allows you to focus on yourself and allot time for reflection. Read this article on Strategies+ by LMA member Rachel Shields Williams on cultivating daily mindfulness.

7. Register for P3® – The Practice Innovation Conference

Take time to complete your registration for P3 – The Practice Innovation Conference, taking place June 10-12 at the Swissotel in Chicago. Register before Monday, May 18 for maximum savings.

8. Join a Region or Local Group

Fully tap into your LMA community by joining a region or local group! You’ll get notified of events taking place in your region, make local connections, and share ideas and best practices.

9. Reach Out to an LMA Connection

In a rut or looking for inspiration? The connections you make within LMA are invaluable. Learn what a friendship born out of LMA looks like in this article on Strategies+, featuring Dawn Sheiker and Jenna Schiappacasse.

10. Test Your Skills with the Body of Knowledge (BoK) Assessment Tool

Have you tested your knowledge with the BoK assessment tool? Upon taking the quiz, you’ll test your current knowledge level and learn where to focus your educational and professional development efforts with personalized recommendations on next steps.

11. Register for an Upcoming Webinar

LMA members receive complimentary access to all LMA webinars. Take advantage of your membership by registering for an upcoming webinar, like “Deliberate Diversity: Intentional Inclusion - A Marketer’s Internal Role in Diversity & Inclusion.”

12. Make an Action Plan for Your Next LMA Event

Whether attending the LMA Annual Conference or a regional event, it’s always good to go in with a plan. Read LMA member Holly Barocio’s four-step action plan for making the most of any event.

13. Supercharge Your Legal Marketing Skills with LMA QuickStart®

Check out the new-and-improved LMA QuickStart, covering all essential skills and every BoK domain and competency. You’ll learn to adapt your communication style to different audiences, organize and draft a business development plan, and more.

14. Register to Attend an Upcoming Event in Your Region

Check out the LMA calendar to find an upcoming event near you. Register for an event today to enhance your local connections and improve your legal marketing knowledge.

15. Brush Up On Your Social Media Skills

Check out the LMA Social and Digital Media SIG’s “12 Days of Social & Digital Media” blog for the latest in all things social and digital. And don’t let the holiday theme fool you – these pointers are good year round.

16. Add a Submission to the Speaker Database

Share your expertise by adding a submission to the Speaker Database. LMA accepts submissions on a year-round basis on various subject matters. Share your knowledge today!

17. Update your Member Profile

Keep your member profile up-to-date to ensure you’re receiving all LMA communications and your peers know how to reach you. Update your contact information, add your bio and headshot, and more.

18. Connect With an LMA Service Provider

LMA service provider members offer a number of tools and resources that can help provide the solutions you need. Search the member directory by expertise and connect with a service provider member today.

19. Visit the LMA Job Bank

Draw from the talent in your LMA community by utilizing the Job Bank to hire for your next position. Those looking for new opportunities can create a profile and search in the Job Bank for opportunities containing the desired criteria. 

20. Volunteer Locally

Make an impact within LMA by volunteering locally. Check out these five ways you can get involved locally in LMA to get started.

21. Tell Us Your LMA Story

LMA thrives on the stories, thought leadership and best practices its members share. If you have an experience that others can learn from, read our Story Spotters Guidelines and get in touch.

22. Visit the Webinar Archives

Did you miss that webinar you really wanted to attend? Visit the Webinar Archives today to catch up on webinars you missed and watch your favorites again.

23. Assess Your Skills with the Competency Analysis Tool

To help you navigate your professional development path, LMA has a Competency Analysis Tool (CAT) for each domain within the BoK. Use the CAT today to assess your professional development opportunities. 

24. Check Out LMA in the News

Your fellow members are making headlines. Keep up-to-date with LMA’s recent media coverage here and help spread the word by sharing out on social media.

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