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Trendspotting – Keep Your Teams Engaged

The Post-Pandemic Website

LMA Podcast Episode 74 — Digital Transformation: Message in the Market

Use Reader Data to Get Results

Celebrating Women’s History Month: A Q&A With Tara Marshall

How to Start a Podcast at Your Firm

Digital Transformation: Message in the Market

LMA Podcast Episode 73 — The Importance of Women in Leadership

Trendspotting – Focus on Your Branding

Law Firm Leaders Spotlight With Sally Schmidt

Leading During Times of Change

LMA Podcast Episode 72 — Demonstrating Your Value: Demonstrate Your Value With Less (Part 2)

LMA Podcast Episode 71 — Demonstrating Your Value: Demonstrate Your Value With Less (Part I)

LMA Podcast Episode 70 — Demonstrating Your Value: Demonstrate Your Value by Expanding Your Capabilities

LMA Podcast Episode 69 — Demonstrating Your Value: Demonstrate Your Value Through Effective Communication

New Year, New Legal Focus: The Impact of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Law

Looking Back, Looking Forward: 2020 LMA Hall of Fame Inductees Reflect on Their Careers

LMA Podcast Episode 68 — A Deep Dive Into Captive ALSPs

Lawyers: Without Feedback, You’re Falling Back

Trendspotting – Step Up Your Website Optimization Strategy

Profits on Purpose: How To Make Money and a Difference

DEI SIG Book Club Recap: ‘Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents’

The 12 Days of Social Media: Five Key Takeaways and the Launch of LMA’s Member-Only, Member-Driven Official Facebook Group

The 12 Days of Social Media: The Importance of Considering Mental Health in the Social and Digital Landscape

The 12 Days of Social Media: Embracing Virtual Events and Evolving in 2021

The 12 Days of Social Media: Trending Topics and Ideas for 2021

The 12 Days of Social Media: From News Feeds to Connecting DEI Initiatives

The 12 Days of Social Media: Getting Back to the Basics in 2020 and Beyond

The 12 Days of Social Media: A PR Pro’s Positive Spin on 2020

The 12 Days of Social Media: Leveraging Digital Media for DEI Initiatives Within the Legal Marketing Industry

Trendspotting – What to Expect in the New Year

The 12 Days of Social Media: Leveraging Video for Creative, Concise Content

The 12 Days of Social Media: A Fresh Look at Data Reporting & Analytics

The 12 Days of Social Media: Shifts in Career and Strategy

Influencing Decisionmakers: How to Guide Lawyer-Leaders to Drive Innovation and Take Action

The 12 Days of Social Media: What’s Ahead for Plaintiff Firms in 2021?

The 12 Days of Social Media: Getting Creative with Business Development

The 12 Days of Social Media: It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

LMA Podcast Episode 67 — Tips For Breaking into the News Cycle When It's in Overdrive

Turning the Tables to Video

LMA Podcast Episode 66 — Strategies LIVE! The Intersection of DEI and Business Development

Trendspotting – How to Elevate Your Firm's Webinars

Legal Marketers Drive Progress in Times of Change — Law Firm Leaders Weigh In

Backlinks, PR and SEO: How to Get Your Law Firm to Show up in Searches

LMA Podcast Episode 65 — Holding Your Marketing Vendor Accountable: What to Expect in Reporting and What You Should be Paying

3 Keyword Optimization Tips for Improving Lawyer SEO

Trendspotting – Networking During COVID-19

3 Reasons Law Firms Need to Implement Local SEO

Engagement Was Key to Success at #LMA20

4 Tips to Leverage Metrics for Law Firm Success

LMA Podcast Episode 64 — Strategies to Go Beyond ‘Random Acts of DEI’

Law Firm Leaders Speak to the Power of Marketing

Trendspotting – Crafting Your Perfect Website

LMA Podcast Episode 63 — Using Quant Law Theory to Increase Profitability

An Interview With the #LMA20 Co-Chairs

Looking Through the D&I Lens: How Video Drives Jackson Walker’s D&I Initiatives

Perfecting the Pitch During the Coronavirus Pandemic

New Law Firm Strategies for Growth Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic and After

Trendspotting – Podcasts for Your Law Firm

The Client Experience of the Future

Adapting, and Quickly: 6 Tips for Mastering Today’s Tech Landscape

Trendspotting – Let's Talk About Video Marketing

LMA Podcast Episode 62 — Exchanging Career Stories of Growth, Healthy Fear and Success

Continuing Difficult But Necessary Conversations on Race — Takeaways From the D&I SIG Book Club on “White Fragility,” by Robin DiAngelo

5 Ways to Leverage Your Lawyers' LinkedIn Profiles

A Checklist for Delivering High Impact Virtual Retreats and Remote Training

Trendspotting – Virtual Law

In Crisis and Beyond — How Legal Marketers Raise the Strategic Value of Our Work

LMA Podcast: Episode 61 — The Shifting Media Landscape: A One-on-One with Washington Business Journal Editor Michael Neibauer

Spotlight on LMA Regions: Showing Resilience in the Midst of Crisis

Avoiding The Pitfalls of Tone-Deaf Marketing During a Crisis

LMA Podcast: Episode 60 —  Finding Success Amidst the Disruption of COVID-19

Trendspotting – Business Development

Tips for a Successful Law Firm Social Media Strategy Amid COVID-19

P3® – The Virtual Experience Session Sneak Peek: Emergence of the Citizen Data Scientist

Surface Your Law Firm’s Intellectual Capital

Where Is Diversity in the New Normal?

3 Tips for Using SMART Goals & Gamification During COVID-19

Trendspotting – Make Time for Mental Health This Month

Incorporate Wellness Into Your Routine

LMA Podcast: Episode 59 —  The Importance of Well-Being in Legal Marketing

It’s Time for Law Firms to Redefine Digital

LMA Podcast: Episode 58 —  Pricing Confidence With Considerations for Economically Challenging Times

Data from a Decade of the Annual Law Department Operations Survey: An Update for Today’s Troubling Times

Legal Data is the New Oil for Legal Professionals

Trendspotting – Navigating Working From Home

In Search of Your Center of Excellence

LMA Podcast: Episode 57 —  Diversity Communications: Best Practices and Perspectives from Two In-House Pros

Checklist for Business Continuity and Related Areas of Cybersecurity and Risk Management for Savvy Law Firm Marketers

Resources to Inspire Leadership

LMA Podcast: Episode 56 —  Building a Scalable Sales Culture in a Law Firm

Artificial Intelligence in Law: How Far We’ve Come

Trendspotting – Crisis Management

LMA Podcast: Episode 55 —  Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

24 Activities for Your Additional 24 Hours This Leap Year

3 Reasons Why CI Matters for Law Firm Sales

Working With Heroes: Inside the Plaintiff Law Firm

Trendspotting – Build and Upkeep Your Social Media Presence

Think Like a Product Manager

4 Innovative Ways to Strengthen Relationships With Your Most Important Clients

Fighting Burnout in the Legal Industry With Mindfulness

#OneLMA: Having the Courage to Reach Out

Trendspotting – Deck the Halls With Social & Digital Media

LMA Podcast: Episode 54 - Predictions, Possibilities, and Problems: What’s Coming for Legal PR in 2020

Leadership That Pays It Forward

Trendspotting – What's Your 2020 New Year's Resolution?

LMA Podcast: Episode 53 - Cross-Department Collaboration

Trendspotting – 'Tis the Season for Social & Digital Media

A Friendship Born Through LMA

Lead by Example: How Your Past Can Impact Their Future

Trendspotting – Let's Talk Tech: Apps

Light Reading to Win More Business

Trendspotting – Video Trends to Implement at Your Firm

Trendspotting – Let's Talk Diversity & Inclusion

Research in Stress and Mental Health of Legal Marketers Brings Data to an Urgent Conversation

Trendspotting – Finding Your Voice

Strategies for Improving Your Outlook on Work and Life

Trendspotting – The Importance of Mental Health/Wellness Awareness

Trendspotting – Get Ahead of Your Competition

LMA Podcast: Episode 52 —  Moving the Needle on Social Responsibility

Fostering an Innovative Culture: What Marketing Leaders Can Do

Trendspotting – Legal Tech

Sales Is Not a Scary Word

LMA Podcast: Episode 51: Contented Content: The What, Why and How of Developing a Content Strategy, Part 2

Trendspotting – Business/Client Development for Young Lawyers

Trendspotting – Design Thinking

Marketing Metrics: Getting to the Next Level

Trendspotting – Virtual Law

Trendspotting – Attracting/Identifying Your Ideal Client

Best Legal Website Designs to Inspire Your Firm

Trendspotting – Thought Leadership

LMA Podcast: Episode 50: Smart Collaboration: Generating Value and Establishing Trust with Dr. Heidi Gardner

Flexing Strategic Muscles: Business Development Team Drives Combination Forward

4 Steps to Build a Security-Minded Culture at Your Firm

LMA Podcast: Episode 49 —  Not all Value is Created Equal: Pricing Perspectives from Eddie Hartman

Trendspotting – Creating Your Best Bio

Trendspotting – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

LMA’s ‘Next Big Thing’: What Does Service Metamorphosis Look Like?

LMA Podcast: Episode 48 —  Turning PR Principles Inward

Trendspotting – Preventing Burnout

Empowering Summer Associates Through Hands-On Training

Trendspotting – Social Media

7 Tips for Your Law Firm's Podcast

Your Firm's Lackluster Marketing Technology Might Not Be a Tech Problem

Trendspotting – Client Experience

LMA Podcast: Episode 47 - Contented Content: The What, Why and How of Developing a Content Strategy, Part 1

Trendspotting – Branding

Winning an Uphill Battle: How to Start Your Own Mindfulness Program

Trendspotting – Staying Competitive

Get to Know LMA Executive Director Danielle Holland

Trendspotting – Client Communication

Balance Comes From Compensation, Not Just Moderation

Trendspotting – LMA Summer Reading Roundup

Celebrating Pride, Pledging to Be an Ally

Using Marketing Automation to Personalize Client Experience

Being a Disruptor in Attorney Professional Development

Midwest Regional Conference 2019: Key Themes and Actionable Takeaways

Trendspotting – 2019 #LMAP3 Conference Coverage

LMA Podcast: Episode 46 - Let the Data Do the Driving: Strengthening Storytelling and Content Through Technology

LMA Summer Reading Recommendations

LMA Podcast: Episode 45 - Legal Project Management in the Modern Firm

Trendspotting – Diversity and Inclusion

Trendspotting – Work/Life Balance

P3 2019 Friday Recap: It’s All About Delivering Value

P3 2019 Thursday Recap: Implicit Bias, Innovation, Data and More

The Positive Impact of Resilience in Law Firms

Trendspotting – Collaboration

LMA Podcast: Episode 44 —  Mindfulness in the Legal Industry

Law Firm Innovation and Marketing – Collaboration Is Key to Success

Trendspotting – Associate Retention

The Three Cs of Executive Presence

Trendspotting – Marketing on a Budget

10 Tools and Tips to Help Legal Marketers Advance Diversity and Inclusion

LMA Podcast: Episode 43 — Process Improvement and Project Management

Trendspotting – Law Firm Profitability

Where Law Firm Marketing Should Innovate

Trendspotting – Pricing Strategies

Connecting the Dots at LMA 2019

Trendspotting – Applying the Mansfield Rule

Habits of Great Rainmakers

Trendspotting – Alternative Legal Service Providers

LMA Podcast: Episode 42 — Critical for Effective Leadership: Emotional Intelligence

Trendspotting – Effective Websites

Trendspotting – Client/Lawyer Relationships

Trendspotting – Legal Marketing Technologists

Trendspotting – Law and Artificial Intelligence

Trendspotting – Movement Starter Jennifer Dulski

LMA Podcast: Episode 41 — Innovate, Collaborate and Transform Law Firms

Trendspotting – A Fresh Look at Social Media

Trendspotting – Empower Your Career

LMA Podcast: Episode 40 — Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

Trendspotting – Better Business Development

Trendspotting – The Latest in Content Strategy

Innovation, Old-School Style

Trendspotting – Video Trends You Can Implement At Your Firm

Trendspotting – Freshen Up Your Business Development Strategies

Trendspotting – Where D&I Stands in 2019

Trendspotting – Consider Design Thinking For Your Firm

Trendspotting – The Importance of Business Development

Trendspotting – Digital Strategy In the New Year

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