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Use Reader Data to Get Results

Posted by Adrian Lurssen on Apr 7, 2021 3:44:27 PM

A Q&A Featuring Adrian Lurssen

Reader data, when harnessed properly, has the power to open law firms up to new opportunities and spur innovation for long-established clients. Strategies+ recently talked with Adrian Lurssen — vice president and co-founder of JD Supra, a content distribution and data platform — about how he sees law firms use their reader data to support marketing and business development (BD). Here are his insights, including a few real-life examples and advice for the best ways to use such data.

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7 Basic Performance Indicators to Make Your Firm's Content Efforts More Strategic

Posted by Adrian Lurssen on Mar 6, 2018 4:31:33 PM

Help Communicate the ROI of Your Firm's Content Marketing Efforts

If your marketing or business development role includes supporting an attorney or practice group (or entire firm) with their writing, here's an easy process to implement that will, among other things:

  • Help communicate the ROI of your firm's content marketing efforts to everyone involved
  • Foster collaboration via a process that puts everyone on the same page
  • Ensure that your attorneys' thought leadership is more strategic
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