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Influencing Decisionmakers: How to Guide Lawyer-Leaders to Drive Innovation and Take Action

Posted by Elise Holtzman on Jan 6, 2021 3:00:00 PM

By Elise Holtzman

On a daily basis, law firm marketing professionals are called upon to deploy their education, experience and understanding of the legal marketplace to help position their law firms for success. Even in firms that recognize the critical role marketing professionals play, legal marketers frequently encounter obstacles posed by managing partners and other lawyer-leaders who control the budget and make the final decisions.

While it’s understandable to become frustrated when your initiatives aren’t adopted, blaming management or focusing on what lawyers are doing “wrong” will not get you closer to your goals. Instead, improve your results and reduce stress by (a) understanding your audience and (b) deploying tools of influence that make it easier for leaders to consider and implement your proposals.

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