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Merry Neitlich

With more than 20 years of experience in LMA leadership and as a business development consultant, Merry Neitlich assists law firms in creating effective marketing tools and strategies geared to develop sustainable business development success. She is a partner at Extreme Marketing, known for its unique BD approach, training, client feedback interviews and innovative coaching programs.

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Have Midsized Law Firms Found a New Competitive Advantage?

Posted by Merry Neitlich on Oct 1, 2018 7:03:02 PM

Work to align corporate needs with outside law firm service.

Midsized law firms possess a remarkable opportunity to obtain new business with large companies. The growing demand from corporate legal departments to achieve better innovation, greater transparency and more predictability in legal fees has opened up new possibilities. Law firms must first overcome inertia and their strong resistance to the changing landscape in the marketplace by creating better alignment between corporate legal departments’ needs and the delivery of services from outside firms. Many in-house counsels refer to this as creating better and more customized legal operations (legal ops).

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Resistance Continues, but the Practice of Law Is Transforming

Posted by Merry Neitlich on Jun 20, 2017 4:13:26 PM

Embrace (and Even Seek) Change to Stay Afloat

It has been said that change is the only constant in the world. Nagging realities in the legal marketplace continue to place pressure on law firms, of all sizes, to confront the demand for inevitable changes.

The days of straight billable hours and traditional client-attorney relationships may be slipping away. A few of the pressures law firms are telling us they feel from clients and the marketplace include having state-of-the-art technologies, increasing the use of contract lawyers, corporate legal departments creating their own metrics to codify the cost of performing legal tasks, AI, knowledge management, more specific and customized delivery of legal services, and providing more staffing options. An increasing number of firms are incorporating big data analytics to efficiently reduce risks, cost and time needed to complete matters.

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18 Minutes of Fame: Making an Unforgettable Impression

Posted by Merry Neitlich on Feb 3, 2015 12:14:27 PM

Lorin has been successfully making presentations to investment bankers for more than a decade. His clients count on him to have up-to-the-minute knowledge on the latest rules and regulations. They also think of him as a brilliant lawyer who truly understands this fast-paced and challenging industry and all of its components.

Like most partners, Lorin has relied on his firm's marketing department to help with the design of his PowerPoint presentations. He has grown comfortable over the years with PowerPoint due to its ease of use and bulleted slides that keep him on track. He also provides his attendees with a sequenced set of information to take home.

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