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Balance Comes From Compensation, Not Just Moderation

Posted by Darryl Cross on Jul 16, 2019 11:09:10 AM

Work Life Balance

By Darryl Cross

Experts talk about seeking and finding balance as the key to being healthy, happy and engaged. However, demands placed on us by others and our own personal expectations, makes this an exhausting quest for harmony. Moderation is not necessarily the best approach to create a great life. Who wants to be moderately healthy, happy and engaged?

The key is balancing body, business and soul through compensation. For the body, it is the proper mix of exercise, nutrition and recovery where intensity of one must be matched by the other two. In business, the more extreme the task, the more one must rely on teams, collaboration and reflection to sustain performance. For a fulfilled soul, we must look to what we are trying to accomplish if it fulfills our passion and purpose.

Your intensity, passion and discipline of all three areas must be in alignment. For those of us working hard at the office, exercise hard and commit to quality time at home. For those putting in long hours at the gym, eat clean and invest in recovery. For those with family commitments, build networks and your expertise to create leverage at work. It is not about hours. It is about aligning intensity.

Balance through compensation is not about keeping everything perfectly even or steady. It involves wild oscillations of priorities and activities from one day to the next. The quality of  relationships with family, friends and colleagues will determine your legacy, not the quality, of your work product.

If you cannot match the intensity of your business with equally intense commitments to body and soul, you have to dial back your career. Those who work hard must exercise and restore hard as well. There is no shortcut to balance, and your tipping point will eventually come.


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Darryl Cross

Darryl Cross is the practice group leader for Leaders and Partners at Intapp. He also serves as one of only 150 Master Personal Trainers in the world certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Darryl is a former LMA Board of Directors member-at-large.






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