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Posted by LMA International on Oct 27, 2017 10:34:06 AM


The Latest in Legal Marketing

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzzed-about trends in marketing to help inspire its members. This week, we focus on changes to make that can strengthen business, starting with "A Checklist For Creating an Effective Law Firm Website Call to Action" from Good2BSocial.

1. A Checklist For Creating an Effective Law Firm Website Call To Action

To help improve marketing as a whole, you can turn to improving your law firm website's call to action. Use these tips to help create it. Read more from Good2BSocial.

2. Four Reasons Why Attorneys Don’t Plan Their Law Firm Website Content (And Why They Should)

There is no question that proper content marketing can help boost business, but many attorneys don't plan out their content, which can lead to wasting money and time. Read more from LawLyytics.

3. How to Implement a Diversity Program in the Legal Department

According to the National Association for Law Placement, a disproportionate number of white men serve as equity partners in multi-tier law firms. Though inequality continues to be an issue in all indsutries,  there are specifc steps to take within the legal indsutry to help implement, and succeed in upholding, a diversity program. Read more from LexisNexis.

4. Should Attorneys Blog About Jurisdictions Outside of Their Own?

Once an attorney has established a blog, coming up with topics can be tricky. One thing to consider is writing about topics outside of their own geographic area. Read more from LawLytics.

5. How to Tell If Your Content is Connecting

You've been participating in content marketing for over a year now, but how can you tell if it is connecting and bringing in new business? Read more from The Rainmaker Blog.

Check back weekly for more industry trends from around the web!

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