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Posted by LMA International on Jul 19, 2019 1:54:11 PM

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The Latest in Law Firm Marketing

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzzworthy trends in marketing to help inspire its members. This week, we focus on client communication, starting with “Law Firm Client Communications."

1. Law Firm Client Communications 

Every interaction with a client is an opportunity. As it turns out, a simple mental exercise could strengthen your listening skills and drastically improve your relationships with clients. Read more on the best organizational skills, communication practices and ways to manage expectations in this post from

2. A Guide to Better Client Communications for Law Firms

For lawyers, client communication is crucial in making or breaking your reputation. Regardless of client status, the ways in which you is interact with your clients says a great deal about yourself, and your firm, too. Take a look at this helpful guide that highlights important steps to best serve your clients. Read more.

3. How to Navigate Client Communication as a New Attorney 

Client contact can be a daunting task. For those new to the legal marketing profession, it can also be easy to overanalyze each email, phone call or meeting as you're getting started. Read about three easy steps you can implement to improve your communication skills from AboveTheLaw.

4. How Client Journey Mapping Helps Attorneys

"Journey mapping" is a process that helps establish client needs efficiently and methodically from the first phone call to the last handshake. "The power of journey mapping is that it encourages you to stop thinking about what you want your clients to know, and focuses instead on what your clients want to know." Read more on how you can apply journey mapping to current and future client communication on

5. Law Firm Client Service

Many small firm owners spend a majority of their time worrying about attaining new clients instead of maintaining and improving the relationships they have with those already existing. This article delves into why a client-centered approach can help ensure your firm is modern, innovative, efficient and profitable. Read more.

Check back weekly for more industry trends from around the web!

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