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Posted by LMA International on Oct 4, 2019 12:09:47 PM

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The Latest in Law Firm Marketing

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzzworthy trends in marketing to help inspire its members. This week, we focus on the ins-and-outs of design thinking, starting with "5 Ways Law Firms Can Use Design Thinking to Boost Their Profile & Service Level." 

1. 5 Ways Law Firms Can Use Design Thinking to Boost Their Profile & Service Level

As you think about your client's needs and your firm's goals, consider using the concepts of design thinking. This can help ensure that your client has a positive experience and your firm is more streamlined. Read more

2. Design Thinking for Lawyers 

Design thinking is the best way to craft strategic and innovative ways of thought. For law firms, this hasn't always been the path many follow. However, the safer ways of thinking might not be meeting your clients' ever-evolving needs. Read more

3. Designs on the Law 

"Invention is not the same as innovation." In this article, consider the form of innovation that has cut across legal issues and practice settings: design thinking. Read more.  

4. Design Thinking in Legal Marketing - Market Leaders Podcast With Molly Porter 

Join David Ackert and Molly Porter (Director of Marketing at Seyfath) in this podcast episode. The two talk why applying design thinking concepts can help you better connect with your firms' prospects and clients. Read more

5. What is Legal Design Thinking? A Guide for Legal Professionals 

This article dives into all things legal design thinking. What is it and what is the ultimate goal? Why does it matter now? Find out the benefits of design thinking and what you can create with this strategy that you never knew possible. Read more

Check back weekly for more industry trends from around the web!

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