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Enhance Your Social Media Presence With Facebook Live

Posted by Deborah Dobson on Jan 17, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Facebook Live Tips for Legal Marketers

Enhance Your Social Media Presence With Facebook Live

As a legal marketer, chances are that you are familiar with Facebook Live. This relatively new feature from Facebook offers live-streaming video capabilities to users.

Facebook Live has proven to be an effective tool for media companies such as CNN, Huffington Post and The New York Times to quickly capture information via video footage and share it widely. New York Times Reporter Nicholas Kristof produced this video that extended the conversation about a recent column he wrote – the goal of good content marketing – and reached more than 55,000 Facebook users. Similarly, Brad Nitz, a meteorologist for Atlanta’s local television station, WSB-TV, live streamed severe weather in March 2016. At its peak, the stream reached 8,800 viewers at once, and the segment had been played more than 77,000 times by the end of March — far more than the station’s typical online audience.

Facebook Live isn’t just for media companies; it has applications for law firms as well. Using live video can enhance a law firm’s social media presence, allowing it to quickly and affordably broadcast from seminars, conferences or conventions where that audience might not attend, and introduce new information to current and potential clients. The live broadcast will appear at the top of your law firm’s Facebook page or profile and on the top of your followers’ newsfeed. Your law firm can also edit or delete the video from the timeline.

By tapping the live stream icon, you can start broadcasting a live event from your smartphone. Anyone following you can tune into your broadcast. Once you’re done, simply tap “finish” to complete the video, which then posts as a permanently available feature on your timeline. The maximum time limit is currently 90 minutes, and you’re able to block specific users if you wish.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Facebook Live:

  • Write a catchy description. Before you live stream, you can type in details about what you’re about to present. Write a catchy description of your broadcast to grab your audience’s attention, helping them understand the context of your broadcast.
  • Let your connections know. Make an announcement to let users know that you’ll be broadcasting live. When you do go live, users that follow you will be notified you are doing a broadcast. Tell your audience the date and time you’ll be going live, and ask them for ideas or questions they would like answered during your broadcast.
  • Engage with your viewers. Just like any other social media platform, it is important to engage with your viewers, which will help to increase the number of viewers for each broadcast. By engaging, you will also attract more followers. Ask them for feedback and respond to questions.

In the past, live broadcasts required thousands of dollars in equipment, hired talent and paid airtime. With Facebook Live, all your law firm needs is a Facebook page, iPhone/Android with a good camera and mic, and Internet connection.

Facebook Live is definitely worth exploring for your firm, and, as legal marketers, we can help identify who might be a good fit at the firm for a test trial – providing that the firm is open to trying out new avenues for connecting with clients and prospects. With over 1.79 billion monthly active users, many of whom are likely your target audience, the real question is can your firm afford not to using Facebook Live?


Deb Dobson is the marketing technology manager at Fisher & Phillips LLP.  She is interested in how marketing and emerging technologies can help law firms reach their business goals. She can be reached at, and you can follow her on Twitter @debdobson.




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