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How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads

Posted by LMA International on Dec 22, 2015 12:00:00 PM

LMA - Strategies+ - How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads

Worldwide, there are over 1.49 billion monthly active Facebook users and 4.5 billion "likes" generated daily. The below tips are designed to help your firm get the most out of your Facebook advertising dollars.

Maximize Through Objectives

Facebook offers a great guide to campaign structure. This guide starts with a background on objectives, which is how all campaigns should first be developed. With nine different available objectives, Facebook has an option that should fit what your firm is looking to accomplish. Objective options include:

  • Page Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • Clicks to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • App Installs
  • App Engagement
  • Event Responses
  • Offer Claims
  • Video Views

New Audience, New Ad Set

Determine the audiences you want to target and create a separate ad set for each audience.

Setting a different audience for each ad set will minimize the chance that your ad sets will compete against each other. Plus, it will allow you to test different segments.

For example, you can create two ad sets with the same interest targeting but directed at different age groups. You can also test out different interest segments. This is particularly notable as Facebook's interest targeting follows the "or" versus "and" variable, which means that when you choose two interests for one ad set, you are targeting two groups people who are interested in "Variable A" OR "Variable B" (as opposed to "Variable A" AND "Variable B").

Use Dynamic Imagery

Crafting the perfect copy is often given more emphasis than the image-based content that goes with it, but nowadays it is more important than ever to pair great copy with an equally effective image or video. Not only is visual creative the first thing users see, but it's often what determines if they will even take the time to read the copy you spend so much time on. (And in the case of video, boosts your chances by 62%.) Since Facebook prevents you from using images that contain more than 20% text, it’s clear that images are designed to grab attention, not display a message. Be sure to use the grid tool to make sure you follow the 20% text rule when using an image.


Create Multiple Ads Per Campaign

Similar to our Twitter how-to, creating multiple ads within a set is a great way to test your creative and see how your audience responds. With Facebook, you have the ability to add variety by switching from an image to a dynamic link or a video. Plus, the new carousel ad type allows advertisers to test out one image versus multiple image ads. [Pro Tip: Upload your video directly to Facebook rather than sharing a link from YouTube to optimize how the content appears.]


Develop a Landing Page

Landing pages are a great way to educate users first as well as to set up trust between your audience and your brand — especially with new visitors. Though social advertising can be less expensive than other mediums, it is still an investment. When spending money on clicks, you want to be sure you're maximizing the value your firm gets from each one — landing pages can help you do this and are used by 48% of marketers.

"Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving." — David Ogilvy

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