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How to Get the Most Out of Twitter Ads

Posted by LMA International on Dec 15, 2015 12:00:00 PM

LMA - Strategies+ - How to Get the Most Out of Twitter Ads

Twitter has 320 million monthly active users. Of that number, 100 million are active daily and 34% log in more than once per day. One way to reach that audience is simply through a presence on the network. The other way is through advertising. Whether your firm is thinking about spending on Twitter for the first time or is a seasoned ad buyer, the below tips are sure to help you get the most out of your next dollar.

Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards (or website cards) are an advertiser's dream since they allow advertisers to maximize the campaign message through an optimal design as well as through increased character count.

Twitter cards offer you the ability to not only craft a dynamic tweet but a unique headline and call to action (CTA) to go along with that tweet. You can also use this function to A/B test CTAs across your audience — gaining more intel about their online behavior in the process. Below is an example of a Twitter card from @SiriusDecisions. [Pro Tip: Be sure to maximize tracking by utilizing the ability to implement a remarketing pixel.]


Set Up Multiple Tweets Per Campaign

We recommend crafting 3-5 tweets for each campaign. This way, you can vary the message in each and test what is most effective against your target audience. Here are some suggested variations:

  • Copy + Image A vs. Copy + Image B
  • Copy A + Image vs. Copy B + Image
  • Copy + Image vs. Copy + Video

Remember to check back often to see which tweet is performing best in order to maximize your investment.

Hashtags: Less Is More 

Consider developing your own hashtag just for the campaign you are about to launch. When advertising on Twitter, less really is more, especially when it comes to hashtags. Twitter ad targeting allows you to leverage more generic hashtags (i.e., #law), which means you can use the 140 characters of your ad to reel in clients in a different way, such as through a branded hashtag. This article from wishpond offers great tips related to hashtag marketing. Whether you choose to develop a new hashtag or capitalize on a popular one, make sure that there is both no negative connotation around the hashtag as well as no other brand tied to the hashtag.

Make It Mobile

Around 80% of Twitter users are active on mobile, which means optimizing your campaigns for the mobile space, namely the links you are driving to from ad content (i.e., landing pages, website/blog content) is a key piece of successful advertising. These tips from Adweek are a great place to start.

There's an App for That

Does your firm have an app you need to promote? Twitter offers a custom ad type just for app downloads plus a myriad of success stories to read through on their site, like this one from Girl Scouts, that span various industries. When in doubt, the best tips come straight from the source.


Target Existing Users

Drive ad engagements by including existing users. While new visitors, users or followers may be your primary goal, it is often a good idea to continue to drive engagement among your current audience, too. Many Twitter success stories involve increased engagement among current app users and other audience segments since the ad reminds those folks that the content or offer is just a click away. [Pro Tip: Another target sweet spot is utilizing follower targeting to reach industry decision makers and influencers. For more targeting tips, this article from Twitter is a great resource.

"The future of advertising is the Internet." — Bill Gates

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