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Posted by LMA International on Feb 26, 2017 11:20:29 PM

 4 Ways Attorneys Can Connect with Today’s Legal Consumers

How Lawyers Can Connect with Today's Clients

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzzworthy trends in marketing to help inspire its members. This week, discover new marketing strategies to maintain a successful client relationship, starting with "4 Ways Attorneys Can Connect with Today's Legal Consumers," from The Rainmaker Blog.

1. 4 Ways Attorneys Can Connect with Today’s Legal Consumers

Last year, an Avvo survey of 1,000 consumers who purchased legal services provided some important insights into what attorneys need to know about the modern legal consumer. The Avvo study offered a three-point description of today’s legal consumers. Read more from The Rainmaker Blog.

2. How Lawyers Work: Sam Glover, Editor in Chief of

In this week’s edition of How Lawyers Work, we talked to Sam Glover, founder and Editor in Chief of Lawyerist. He writes, speaks, and podcasts about legal innovation, the legal technology industry, access to justice, and more. Read more on

3. Is It Really All About Content?

With all the marketing discussion about content, content marketing, getting people to see your content and measuring the ROI on your content, you’d think legal marketing on the Internet revolved around content. It doesn’t. The Internet and developing business via the Internet for lawyers, at least when used most effectively, is about communication and networking. Read more from Kevin O'Keefe's blog Real Lawyer's Have Blogs.

4. 3 Common Law Firm Branding Mistakes

A good law firm needs good branding to reach the right clients. Branding involves many decisions about a law firm’s visual style including things like fonts, colors, taglines, logos and even the domain name that you choose for your law firm’s website. Read more on the LawLytics.

5. Is Artificial Intelligence the Key to Unlocking Innovation In Your Law Firm?

The recent media frenzy about artificial intelligence (AI) has been unavoidable. This vision has perhaps come a step closer with the arrival of IBM Watsoni and Richard Susskind’s latest book, The Future of the Professionsii, which predicts an internet society with greater virtual interaction with professional services such as doctors, teachers, accountants, architects and lawyers. Read more from LegalWeek.

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