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Kicking Off 2018: A Focus on Five

Posted by LMA International on Jan 1, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Kicking Off 2018: A Focus on Five

Look Forward to These Initiatives in the New Year

Another new year is upon us, and with it comes the renewed opportunity to focus on creating unique value — within your firm, within your team and within yourself as a professional. As the universal voice of the legal marketing and business development profession, LMA takes great pride in its continued commitment to providing a community and culture for professional development.

Over the past few years, such commitment has been evident through the expansion of networking and education opportunities that continue to provide new value to members. This includes such initiatives as the Body of Knowledge, the development of the LMA podcast series and partnering with such organizations as Bloomberg Law on unique research programs.

As we look to the year ahead, we are excited for fresh opportunities to elevate the role of legal marketing and business development professionals. In particular, we point to five initiatives focused on providing unique value for members in 2018.


The work of our newly formed Advocacy Advisory Committee is underway to help LMA position itself further as the authority for legal marketing and to position the legal marketing and business development profession as a value-driver in our industry. More specifics regarding the objectives of the committee and next steps will be shared during the 2017 Annual Report presented at the 2018 LMA Annual Conference in New Orleans this April.

Diversity and Inclusion

In 2017, LMA established the Diversity and Inclusion Committee with the goal of evaluating and reporting on the need for LMA diversity and inclusion activity.

Furthering that initiative in 2018 is the formation of a Diversity and Inclusion Shared Interest Group (SIG). Together, these components will be vital for not only improving diversity and inclusion within LMA, but also for identifying how LMA and our members can influence industry change in this important area.

LMA Research

As our members seek out the resources needed to make data-driven decisions for their teams and firms, LMA remains committed to creating unique research to support these efforts. Look for two unique opportunities in 2018, in particular.

One is our member benefits research study. This study underscores LMA’s commitment and focus on increasing member engagement. The insights derived from this research will help inform decisions made on LMA programs and services.

Another is our annual LMA/Bloomberg Law marketing and business development survey. This year’s survey examines the differences in perceptions of attorneys and in-house legal marketers when it comes to marketing and business development. This benchmarking data — which includes such areas as investment, roles, relationships and technology — is designed to help you drive change within your firm.

Look for insights from the survey to be shared at the 2018 LMA Annual Conference and posted to the LMA and Bloomberg Law websites following the conference.

LMA Job Bank

As our members look to strengthen their teams and fulfill the need for unique skillsets, the LMA Job Bank remains a valued resource. This resource receives more than 45,000 hits per year, connecting human resources and hiring managers with high-quality candidates. It is open to both members and non-members to post positions pursuant to the requirements outlined here.

LMA’s Next Big Thing

As the legal landscape continues to change and client expectations evolve, LMA’s Next Big Thing provides an annual focus on one primary strategic initiative. This year’s Next Big Thing Initiative is Law Firm Strategy Reboot. With this, we will explore a framework for strategy development and competitive differentiators that will aid the law firm and the legal marketer when navigating this dynamic environment.

With a new year upon us, the time is now to explore new ways that you can provide value to your team, your firm and your professional development. In all such instances, LMA is here with the resources and benefits to help make it happen.

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