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How Top Law Firms Rank in their Use of Social Technology

Posted by Sheenika A. Shah on Jun 5, 2015 10:55:00 AM


This is a recap of “How Top U.S. and U.K. Law Firms Rank in their Use of Social Technology” from the 2015 LMA Annual Conference.

Social media in law firms? Three years ago when I started my career in legal marketing, I didn’t think such a concept would exist. Fast forward and now social is a hot topic at the LMA Annual Conference. The first session in the “Breakthroughs in PR, Content and Communications” pre-conference program was led by Guy Alvarez, chief engagement officer at Good2BSocial, and discussed law firm use of social media. The Social Law Firm Index is published in conjunction with Above the Law, evaluating and ranking how AmLaw 100 firms use social media technologies. The study looks at every law firm website in the AmLaw 100 to evaluate how they were creating content and how they were sharing it. They monitored social media profiles in terms of followers and engagement.

One of the general trends Good2BSocial’s survey found was the large law firms have substantially increased their efforts and the resources they devote to social media over the last 12 months. They have almost doubled in the amount of content they place on social channels.

What are law firms posting? The survey noticed law firms placing promotional content, such as firm news, rankings, new hires and promotions. However, Alvarez gave us an important takeaway here: Your clients don’t care about your new hires or promotions. Clients/prospects care about their problems and want to find an attorney who understands their problem and can solve it.

Why are law firms using social media? Marketing remains the single most important purpose cited by large law firms for using social media. Social is also being used for recruiting, client support and internal collaboration, such as enterprise social networks.

Here are some other trends that were discussed during this session:

  • Firms are also actively encouraging lawyers to have a social media presence, including LinkedIn training. Alvarez recommends looking beyond LinkedIn and teaching your lawyers how to use Twitter, SlideShare and others.
  • You don’t have to be the largest firm to be high on the engagement list.
  • The term “equitable content” was discussed, describing any content that is client-centric. Alvarez suggests staying away from talking about our firm/lawyers, but instead talking about information that is valuable to the client. 
  • The line between professional and personal content on Twitter are blurred every day. 
  • When you are blogging or placing content in the social stream, put your story out there. 


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