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LMA Podcast: Episode 22 — Voice of the Client

Posted by LMA International on Dec 21, 2017 1:26:30 PM

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The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) is committed to sharing "the voice of the client" with our members to help influence and lead change in their firms to better serve clients. As part of that commitment, the LMA Board of Directors invited representatives from a variety of client communities to share their insights at our 2017 quarterly meetings.

These insights are shared via the following blogs:

  • The first part in the "Voice of the Client" series featured Steve Harmon, vice president and deputy general at Cisco, sharing ways in which he measures success, how law firms can better serve clients and four trends to watch.
  • The second part featured Justin Ergler, director of alternative fee intelligence and analytics at GlaxoSmithKline, sharing his perspective on the role of procurement in the legal buying process, the value business professionals play in client relationships and the importance of pricing and project management in law firms.
  • The third part featured Ama Romaine, general counsel at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, on the topic of embracing disruption and fostering innovation.
  • The fourth part Chris Ende, law firm pricing, solutions and panel management leader at General Electric (GE), with a focus on value.

In this episode, LMA President Jill Weber is joined by Connie Brenton (Sr. Director of Operations, Legal Department, NetApp, Inc.; and, President and CEO, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) to discuss the value of data and what data law firm marketers should focus on at their firms.

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