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The 12 Days of Social Media: From News Feeds to Connecting DEI Initiatives

Posted by Rebecca Roman on Jan 15, 2021 2:24:14 PM

12 Days of Social Media_FB Link ShareBy Rebecca Roman

On the ninth day, Rebecca Roman shares how her firm used social media throughout 2020 as an effective means of reaching target audiences with timely content as the pandemic took hold. She also shares how a creative approach to social media helped successfully take an in-person diversity and inclusion initiative online.

How did the pandemic change how you, your attorneys and/or your firm approached social media?

I am very proud of the marketing team at Shook, Hardy & Bacon for making the quick transition to supporting companies and manufacturers in the health, science and technology industries online this year. 

Being a litigation defense firm, we work to be “critical in a crisis; creative in court”; however, 2020 had unique challenges with courts being closed due to necessary social distancing. 

Early last year, we transitioned to providing webinars, primers, emails, firm news stories and more, with legal insight from our attorneys on how people and organizations can protect themselves from unexpected litigation as they navigate the new challenges of operation, employment and manufacturing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Utilizing social media during this time was paramount in sharing reliable, timely insight from Shook attorneys to those who could use it, such as operation managers, in-house counsel, etc. Attorneys kept busy explaining the latest regulatory changes and legal insight through hosting webinars, writing articles and more. 

I approached our social media feeds as branded news outlets, sharing firm information that the public could use quickly. As the year progressed, we continued our focus on communication efforts, such as championing the pro bono work of our attorneys and additional efforts our firm committed to last year to make things a little easier for the communities we work in across the world.

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"I’m looking forward to utilizing both short- and long-form video content in 2021 to discuss the latest legal trends and complex regulatory changes..."

As we look ahead to 2021, what are you most excited about with regards to the legal social/digital space?

I’m looking forward to utilizing new platforms and content strategy going into 2021 as we continue to navigate the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on businesses across the world. 

Video content is a great way to connect in this virtual environment and is easily supported across multiple platforms and devices. I’m looking forward to utilizing both short- and long-form video content in 2021 to discuss the latest legal trends and complex regulatory changes in a way that is accessible and entertaining for followers.

Day 9 Rebecca Roman

What digital or social media campaign/effort are you most proud of and why?

The Shook Scholars Institute is an innovative diversity and inclusion-focused development program concentrated on litigation and trial skills, leadership, and career success competencies for the underrepresented attorney. This program was held virtually for the first time this year with Shook attorneys mentoring and interacting with the Scholars via video conference calls.

It was important to ensure that the Scholars were able to network and connect as in years past. I approached using the firm’s social media accounts to highlight the Scholars individually across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram during the two-day program. Through a combination of scheduled and live posting, the Scholars were featured through submitted videos and branded graphics in a multi-platform social media campaign that connected Scholars and highlighted their universities through a collective hashtag. This aggregate made it possible for the Scholars to get to know each other and connect online to grow their professional networks.

I’m proud of this campaign not only for the ROI in seeing an increase in overall engagement and followers across our social media channels, but also as a way of highlighting the Shook Scholars Institute to prospective applicants and connecting the 2020 cohort who transitioned to participating online this year.

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Rebecca Roman utilizes social and digital media to inform and connect as the digital content specialist at Shook, Hardy & Bacon. Prior to joining Shook, Roman worked with nonprofits and business owners in Kansas City to share their stories online through strategic digital media production and planning. With a professional and educational background in journalism, Roman thinks critically about social media as means to connect people to the truth.




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