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The 12 Days of Social Media: Getting Back to the Basics in 2020 and Beyond

Posted by Ally Frazier on Jan 14, 2021 4:04:04 PM

12 Days of Social Media_FB Link ShareBy Ally Frazier

On the eighth day, Ally Frazier shares more about pivoting amid the COVID-19 pandemic and rising to the occasion to embrace the changes and challenges that came with 2020.

What was on your bright side of 2020, both personally and professionally?

For me, 2020 ended up being about getting back to basics both personally and professionally. It reminded me that all we can do each day is our best, and that is okay. In a year of relentless change, I was reminded that the basics are our building blocks. Whether I was rebuilding my editorial calendar from scratch in April or learning a new recipe during the lockdown, it was getting back to basics that enabled me to be successful during a time of uncertainty at work (and to keep my sanity at home — ha!).

What was a social media win for your firm in 2020?

For us, I would say our biggest editorial calendar and/or social media win for the year was our ability to pivot quickly and efficiently to keep our clients informed on how COVID-19 may impact them and their legal landscape. As a family law firm, not only did we immediately set up a resource page with information about local and regional court closures, we also wrote several articles addressing the information that our clients might need the most. For example, when people first started losing their jobs due to pandemic shutdowns, we put out extensive information both on our website and social media channels about Modification of Child Support so that we could inform clients about what their options might be if they were impacted — whether they were a payer or payee of support. This is just one example of the important information that we worked to put together quickly both for our website and our social media.

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"Being able to pivot during an emergency is a hallmark of being a communications professional, and we got to put our strengths to the test in 2020!"

Being able to pivot during an emergency is a hallmark of being a communications professional, and we got to put our strengths to the test in 2020! I’m proud of my team and how hard we worked to rise to the occasion — especially considering we had to throw out almost an entire year of planning and start from scratch. Together we worked to anticipate what questions our clients might have and address them in the best way we knew how.

As we look ahead to 2021, what are you most excited about with regards to the legal social/digital space?

As I mentioned, 2020 was a year that forced many of us to strip down to the basics and then reimagine how we do what we’ve always done. It was a year that brought many challenges, and as so often accompanies challenges, change was not far behind. The silver lining of a shakedown is that it forces you out of your comfort zone; it forces you to think outside the box. I’m looking forward to carrying this energy into 2021. Let’s keep questioning everything, let’s keep trying new things, let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable!


Ally Fraizer

After finishing both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in communications at East Carolina University, Ally Frazier moved to Charlotte, NC. With a primary focus on political discourse, social inequalities and media effects, it was fitting that she began her career at Sodoma Law, a family law firm, as the communications director in 2015. She is responsible for providing strategic, multi-media branding campaigns, event planning, building and sustaining rapport within the community and finding new opportunities for both the firm and her attorneys to engage with the thing that matters to them most – the people.

 Before joining the team at Sodoma Law, Frazier worked primarily with small businesses and local nonprofits in roles that strengthened her robust background in public relations, event planning and social media marketing. Outside of Sodoma Law, you can find Frazier volunteering on the Committee for Art With Heart that benefits the domestic violence non-profit organization Safe Alliance, and the Committee for Brewers Ball, a fundraiser that supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 


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