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The 12 Days of Social Media: What’s Ahead for Plaintiff Firms in 2021?

Posted by Jaime Lira, Plaintiff Firm Shared Interest Group (SIG) Co-Chair on Jan 6, 2021 1:54:07 PM

12 Days of Social Media_FB Link ShareBy Jaime Lira, Plaintiff Firm Shared Interest Group (SIG) Co-Chair

On the second day, Jaime Lira, Plaintiff Firm Shared Interest Group (SIG) Co-Chair, shares more about social media growth in 2020 (intakes, ad campaigns, podcasts, oh my!) and what’s in store for plaintiff firms in the year ahead.

What’s in Store for the Plaintiff Firm SIG in 2021?

I’m so excited to continue my Plaintiff Firm Shared Interest Group (SIG) co-chair duties in 2021. While the majority of the SIG’s content is focused on the unique needs of plaintiff firm marketers, we do welcome any LMA member who is interested in learning more about effective strategies and techniques to market in the business to consumer space.

My 2021 co-chair Delisi Friday and I have talked about different ways to connect with our peers to share best practices and offer customized education to our plaintiff peers. Topics including podcasting, online reviews, social media advertising, business development and more are all being considered for the new year. We plan to incorporate interactive learning via Zoom discussions and offer informal networking opportunities for our members as well. Great things are coming to the Plaintiff Firm SIG in 2021!

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"One of my great pleasures in 2020 was to hear lawyers remark on how well the website and social media channels helped connect clients to the firm."

Lawyers Embrace Digital Marketing and Social Media

One of my great pleasures in 2020 was to hear lawyers remark on how well the website and social media channels helped connect clients to the firm. We marketers have known this for a really long time; however, to see that lightbulb go on for certain lawyers really made my year! I saw a significant uptick in website traffic during the first few months of the pandemic. And it wasn’t just website traffic, but also chats from potential clients wanting to hire us, which means intakes. (Yay!)

As far as social media goes, I ran several successful Facebook ad campaigns during 2020 for our personal injury, mass tort, class action and business litigation practice groups. As a result, I now have attorneys suggesting to me that we run more campaigns on Facebook to bring in clients. I’ve presented on the topic of Facebook ads previously for LMA and internally at my firm. The short of it is that these ads are a cost-effective, focused tool that you can use to reach your ideal clients. I’m happy to talk shop about Facebook ads for anyone who is interested.

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Yay for Podcasts!

More good news from 2020: I worked with one of my attorneys and launched the Support for Survivors podcast in May. My firm has been representing survivors of sexual abuse in civil litigation for more than 20 years. We came up with the idea of creating a podcast to discuss a variety of topics that impact survivors and bring together members of law enforcement, victim advocates and legislators to raise awareness and create positive change. We’ve even had two sexual abuse survivors come on our show and share their stories of healing.

My attorney hosts the podcast and I produce the episodes in-house. Our subscriber and listener base continues to grow with each episode. Our podcast has reached 34 states and has been downloaded over 1,500 times. This podcast has helped sign new clients, too. We’ve had survivors who have tuned in to the show reach out for representation as well as attorneys who send us their referrals. This is also another topic I get excited to talk about, so reach out if you have questions.

I’d like to say thank you to the Social & Digital Media SIG for asking me to contribute to ”The 12 Days of Social Media” this year. I appreciate my legal marketing peers and the LMA community for helping me connect with other marketers who have helped me build my skills over the years. Cheers to 2021!


Jaime Lira is the marketing director at Cohen & Malad, LLP in Indianapolis, Indiana. She works with 26 trial lawyers across many practice areas, including class action, mass torts, personal injury, sexual abuse, medical malpractice, family law, and business services and litigation. She has served in leadership for the LMA Indianapolis Local Steering Committee for several years and is the current co-chair for the Plaintiff Firm SIG. In her spare time, Jaime likes to golf, travel, snuggle with her dogs and run 5k races. Find her on twitter @Liratastic.

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