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Posted by LMA International on Sep 1, 2015 10:41:13 AM


Just as the attorneys in our firms are realizing that clients' needs are much more specific and our competition is tighter than in the past, we are realizing that roles that never existed on our teams before are starting to take shape. The July/August issue of Strategies gives a glimpse into how the field of law firm marketing is evolving and helps spark some ideas that will keep the legal marketing pro ahead of the game. 

Here's a snapshot of what's featured in this issue:

Emerging Role of the Marketing Technologist in Law Firms
By Jacqueline Madarang, Cyndy McCollough & Deb Dobson
Driven by the rapid change of technology, many law firms are seeing the need for a special kind of role, one that can bridge the gap between marketing and IT: a marketing technologist.

Sales Professionals in Law Firms — Are We Finally Ready?
By Greg Fleischmann, Kevin Iredell & Kevin McMurdo
Are traditional law firms resistant to hiring client-facing business development (i.e. “sales”) staff at a time when competition for and delivery of legal work continues to intensify? Here’s one take on where this idea could be headed.

Competitive Intelligence: What Is it and How Can it Benefit Your Firm?
By Mark Greene
Competitive intelligence isn’t a new idea, yet it is quickly gaining more traction within the legal marketing field.

(Truly) Taking Marketing to the Next Level
By Jennifer Johnson Scalzi and Kate Harry
The marketplace is yearning to attain more sophisticated levels within marketing and business development. So what skills and experiences are needed to take the field to the next level?

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