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Top Five Registered Webinars of 2016

Posted by LMA International on Dec 27, 2016 8:31:02 AM

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Webinars were big for LMA in 2016: This past year saw a year-over-year growth of over 100 percent from 2015. Members were offered over 45 webinars to choose from in 2016 compared to the 23 in 2015, and the interest keeps on growing — as does our understanding of what topics in which you are most interested. The following is a list of the top five registered webinars of 2016; you can expect more of this kind of content in 2017! Click on the titles of these webinars to access their archived recordings, and to see a list of all recordings, we invite you to peruse the Webinar Archives.

  1. On-point Attorney Bios for Website and Beyond: PR SIG Writing Workshop

Original Broadcast: May 10, 2016

Attorney bios continue to reign as law firms’ most popular webpage destination. Are your bios delivering the information your inquisitive audience seeks? Learn how to write attorney bios that are on point and a good read. Get tips on adapting and customizing basic bios that work across content platforms and capture the attention of specific audiences, including the media, general counsel and referral sources.

2. Greentarget’s “State of Digital and Content Marketing Survey”: CMO/Social Media SIG

Original Broadcast: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 

Building on Greentarget’s inaugural study in 2010, Founding Partner John Corey and Greentarget’s Director of Research & Market Intelligence, Kevin Iredell, will present the latest insights on how corporate general counsel – your clients – are engaging in social media and law firm-generated content, while also explaining how your legal marketing peers are evolving their own content and digital strategies to build relationships and fuel business development.

3. Law Firm 101: Understanding How Law Firms Make Money, Pay Attorneys and Set Budgets and Why the Role of Legal Marketers Is Highly Valued: Professional Development

Original Broadcast: June 14, 2016

Ever wonder how partners comp gets set? How the firm’s annual budget is built? In this webinar, we throw away the economics glossary to explain in simple terms the business of law. This is a must attend webinar for anyone new to legal marketing, or for those simply looking to gain a greater understanding of the business of law.

4. New Approaches to Sales and Business Development in the Law Firm: StrategiesLIVE

Original Broadcast: August 4, 2016

Now more than ever, legal marketers are being called on to identify and bring in new business for their law firms. In this webinar, four Strategies authors and business development experts will give tips on different approaches to help get new clients in the door. The authors will discuss such tactics as building a niche practice, storytelling, predictive analytics and emotional intelligence. 

5. Ten Tips for Successful Website Content Projects: PR SIG

Original Broadcast: January 11, 2016

Website projects, from minor content updates to full-scale overhauls, are inherently complex and usually frustrating undertakings for law firms. They typically fall outside of (and in addition to) normal day-to-day responsibilities for internal staff, require comprehensive knowledge and are riddled with small details that have far-reaching implications. Identifying the ideal intersection of design, function, SEO and content requires close collaboration between multiple internal and external resources, and a carefully structured set of roles – all working in concert.


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