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LMA Podcast: Episode 44 —  Mindfulness in the Legal Industry

Posted by LMA International on Jun 5, 2019 1:46:53 PM

P3 — The Practice Innovation Conference is back with an all-new episode of the P3cast series, celebrating the P3 Women's Initiative Network. Listen as Madison Toft (strategic pricing manager, Perkins Coie LLP) chat with Rebecca Benavides (director of legal business, Microsoft )about mindfulness in the legal industry. 

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LMA Podcast: Episode 43 — Process Improvement and Project Management

Posted by LMA International on May 20, 2019 12:52:31 PM

An all-new P3cast is here! Tune in as Natasha Edlow (director of pricing analytics and project management, Covington & Burling) chats with pre-conference presenter Catherine Alman MacDonagh, ESQ. (chief executive officer and co-founder, Legal Lean Sigma Institute / Legal Mocktail / LSSO) about process improvement and project management. The discussion specifically focuses on how process improvement and project management are linked to the P+ Ecosystem.

Learn more about process improvement and project management by registering for the full-day pre-conference session on Wednesday, June 12

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Brand Fade: Digital Strategy and the Dangers of Content Marketing Success

Posted by Kalev Peekna and Ryan Schulz on Nov 27, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Avoiding brand fade ensures firms get the credit and ROI they deserve.

Recently, we’ve observed a new danger that affects nearly every successful content marketing program in the legal industry. Yes, “successful” — sometimes success creates its own threats. In fact, the more successful a law firm’s content marketing efforts, the more likely it is to be impacted by this issue.

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