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Digital Transformation: Message in the Market

Posted by Helena Lawrence and Vikram Gupta on Mar 19, 2021 2:23:37 PM

By Helena Lawrence and Vikram Gupta

For many, cell phones have become the primary tool for communication, including as a way to consume the news. According to Andrew Keller, global creative director at Facebook, the average person scrolls through 305 feet of data on their mobile device per day — the height of the Statue of Liberty!

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Leading During Times of Change

Posted by Tina Carey on Mar 8, 2021 2:50:34 PM

By Tina Carey

As leaders who help develop strategy and drive change within our firms, legal marketing professionals have been on the front lines of helping navigate the COVID-19 crisis, learning to quickly adapt beyond our usual routines. Just as our lawyers counsel clients to operate in phases — new normal, next normal and whatever might be in between — we too need to consider how to position our firms to grow successfully through our current state to the near and long-term.

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New Year, New Legal Focus: The Impact of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Law

Posted by Ioana Good on Feb 25, 2021 1:13:21 PM

By Ioana Good, Founder of Promova

Cryptocurrencies continue to be a hot topic. The emergence of the token-based economy, allowing people to buy and sell goods using new types of currencies, will have far reaching legal ramifications. Legal marketers should be prepared for the expansion of practice groups around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Clients will no doubt be curious how this emerging technology may change how they live and work. The legal space will most likely be one of the first places they turn for answers. This is a complex, technical topic, but understanding the basics is critical for the legal market and those who promote it.

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