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LMA’s ‘Next Big Thing’: What Does Service Metamorphosis Look Like?

Posted by LMA International on Aug 28, 2019 10:05:29 AM

An interview featuring Jill Weber, chief marketing and business development officer, Stinson Leonard Street LLP; and Allen Fuqua, principal, Allen Fuqua Strategies  

Each year, LMA partners with subject matter experts to identify the "next big thing" in legal marketing. This year, experts noted the difficulty that law firms historically have in making institutional change, given firm culture and structure. With this in mind, the 2019 Next Big Thing (NBT) was announced: Service Metamorphosis.



Service can make a strategic difference in collaborative relationships and can be used to differentiate from the competition. Jill Weber (Stinson Leonard Street LLP) and Allen Fuqua (Allen Fuqua Strategies), are taking NBT on the road, presenting the concept to LMA regions across the country. We spoke with them to learn more what service metamorphosis means to them, why this topic matters to the industry and the feedback they’ve received from members so far. 

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Topics: Client Services, Next Big Thing, client experience, service metamorphosis

LMA’s Next Big Thing: Law Firm Strategy Reboot

Posted by Emma Frey on Mar 13, 2018 4:24:49 PM

Facing legal market disruption, firms need to identify their unique value

This article was informed by an LMA webinar hosted by LMA Hall of Fame inductees Mark Beese and Wendy Bernero designed to introduce the 2018 Next Big Thing. 

The headlines are everywhere: “Legal market disruption.” Due to a variety of reasons, including technological innovations, flat demand, globalization and increased competition, the legal marketplace is changing dramatically in both form and structure. Historically, firms provided all facets of the legal process to their clients, including:

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Topics: Marketing Management and Leadership, Next Big Thing

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