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Law Firm Experts Reveal How They Use Data Analytics

Posted by Mike Mellor on Sep 6, 2018 4:49:55 PM

Real-time insights can drive business development — if leveraged well.

This article aligns with the focus of the July/August issue of Strategies magazine: technology.

“It is when you combine rich data and thoughtful people that accurate and fully developed information emerges.”

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LMA Podcast: Episode 36 — With a Little Help From My Tech

Posted by LMA International on Aug 30, 2018 3:06:48 PM


As technology advances at the speed of light, law firms and alternative legal service providers scramble to keep pace. The July/August issue of Strategies magazine is all about moving the needle toward tech, and this episode of the Strategies LIVE podcast series brings together two contributors from the issue to continue the discussion. Adam Stock (chief information officer, Allen Matkins) and Jennifer Klyse (principal, Klyse Advisory Group LLC) share their thoughts on how to define KPIs (key performance indicators), the next big thing in legal marketing tech, and the tool that has had the greatest effect on the way they do their jobs.

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Experience Management: A Foundational Element of Competitive Advantage

Posted by Keith Lipman on Aug 29, 2018 12:47:12 PM

Change necessitates thinking about using information in new ways.

This article aligns with the focus of the July/August issue of Strategies magazine: technology.

We’re living in a data-rich world, working in an industry that’s changing rapidly. Since the 2008 recession, even the definition of client value has changed. Client value used to mean “deliver quality matters,” but now it means “deliver quality matters at the expected price.” The impact of this increased cost-consciousness is hugely consequential.

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