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Posted by LMA International on Aug 5, 2016 11:22:12 AM


Be Flexibile.

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzzworthy trends in marketing to help inspire its members. This week, learn how legal marketing services can keep up to date with technological trends to stay ahead of the curve, and prepare for the future of the legal industry so your firm is successful, starting with "Are You Ready for the Future of Legal Services?" from the Zen Legal Networking blog. 

1.  Are You Ready for the Future of Legal Services?

SmartLaw is the idea that there are three keys to a law firm’s success – their clients, their culture and the intelligent use of technology (this is per HighQ, a technology company who provides enterprise collaboration, file sharing & content publishing solutions to leading law firms, corporate legal teams, and banks). Read more from Zen Legal Networking.

2. What Tech Giants Can Teach Attorneys About Copywriting

My colleagues and I have explained it time and again – your clients simply don’t care that much about your credentials. They care about what you can do for them.  Read more on Lawyer Marketing Blog.

3. The Battle Over Competitive Keywords in Google Adwords Marketing

You will have noticed that sometimes when you search for something on Google, you’ll see a rival to whatever you’re searching for pop up first in the search results. That’s because companies can advertise their wares on Google Adwords by including competitor keywords. Read more from Lawyerist.

4. 3 Ways To Get More Subscribers For Your Law Firm Blog

Web visitors find your law firm’s website and blog many different ways. Attorneys who want to increase their web traffic may wonder if simply publishing posts will do the trick. Publishing useful content is part of what creates more traffic, but building a solid fan base of regular blog readers can help, too.   Read more on LawLytics.

5. Putting the You in UX: Behind the Scenes of Lawyer-Driven Legal Software

“Easy” it what a lot of products promise, but sometimes they equate the term with taking a minimalist approach. So minimalist, in fact, that when you sit down to use it you’re greeted by a seemingly blank screen void of anything that invites action, information or organization. Read more from Business of Law Blog

Check back weekly for more industry trends from around the Web!

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