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Weekly Trendspotting - Drones, Wearables & VR: Oh My!

Posted by LMA International on May 1, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Drones, Wearables, VR: Emerging Technologies That Will Change Media | DigidayThe Changing Face of Media

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzzworthy trends in marketing to inspire its members. Continue reading for the biggest industry stories from the week of April 27, including emerging technologies poised to change media as we know it.

1. Drones, Wearables, VR: Emerging Technologies That Will Change Media

A generation ago, the idea of receiving breaking news through an implanted microchip sounded like a sci-fi fantasy. Now it seems inevitable. Although implantables may still be a few years away, several other futuristic technologies have already arrived. Read more from Digiday.

2. This Simple Instagram Hack Landed Z Gallerie a Lot More Print Catalog Subscribers

Despite the e-commerce boom, print catalogs are still a lucrative business for furniture retailer Z Gallerie. But getting those catalogs into people's hands is tougher than it was a few years ago, which is why the brand started employing Instagram about a month ago to rev up print subscriptions. Read more on Adweek.

3. The 5 Things Your Emails Need to Include to Get People to Read and Respond

There’s a reason this tweet, sent at 9 a.m. on March 1st, amassed nearly 4,000 retweets and over 2,000 favorites in a matter of hours. Eli Langer, who runs social media at CNBC, isn’t the only one with a crazy amount of unread emails. These days, maintaining "inbox zero" is a feat of diligent OCD. Read more on Fast Company.

4. Will Bud Light's Label Gaffe Cause Lasting Damage?

Bud Light's label gaffe has damaged the brand's image just as it heads into the critical summer beer-selling season and given critics a new reason to attack A-B InBev. Read more from Ad Age.

5. Pinterest Launches 'Marketing Developer Program'

Pinterest is upping its game for brands with tools aimed at making marketers’ lives easier. The image-based social platform is launching the Marketing Developer Program with 10 social publishing tool providers. This will allow social media account managers that use these tools to schedule and promote posts. Read more on PR Daily.

Check back weekly for more industry trends from around the Web!

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