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Posted by LMA International on Mar 18, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Failure is Not an Option for Lawyers: 3 Critical Elements to Success in Business Development

Lawyers: Never Fear Business Development

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzzworthy trends in marketing to help inspire its members. Continue reading for the biggest stories from the week of March 14, including an article discussing how lawyers can triumph their business development fears with three keys to success.

1. Failure is Not an Option for Lawyers: 3 Critical Elements to Success in Business Development

Last year, I interviewed over 20 lawyers for a book I’m writing on business development in the legal marketplace. One of my main goals was to uncover the challenges, frustrations and concerns facing lawyers who are confronted with the task of growing a sustainable book of business. Read more on The National Law Review.

2. The Death of Online Advertising: How Ad Blockers Will Change Law Firm Marketing

Online advertising, especially via Google, is the new phone book. But online ads may soon become as endangered as those cumbersome yellow tomes. Read more from California Lawyer.

3. Business Developers: Think Like a Consultant

As law firms continue to invest in business development, more marketing roles at firms are being tasked with helping attorneys with their BD initiatives. The success of these BD support roles, however, is often limited by the extent to which the lawyers buy into the marketing and BD activities and actively participate. Read more from

4. How Long Should Attorney Blog Posts Be? (The Answer May Surprise Your Law Firm.)

In our modern world, people skim for information. Readers can’t focus because they’re busy and distracted. And, spoiler alert: they’re not going to read everything you write. Read more on LawLytics.

5. Why Customer Feedback Has To Be At The Center Of Your Legal Services Business Strategy

If you are a lawyer, how many times have you been surprised by the loss of a client that you thought was happy with what you delivered? When this happened, did you challenge the assumptions you had about how great you thought your services were? Read more from Social Media Marketing For Law Firms.

Check back weekly for more industry trends from around the Web!

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