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What It Takes to Win: A Your Honor Awards Series (Part 4)

Posted by LMA International on Dec 7, 2017 8:05:46 PM

What It Takes to Win

The 2018 LMA Your Honor Awards submissions portal is open until Wednesday, December 13, at noon CT. As you consider submitting to one of the program’s 16 categories, your co-chairs and judges have developed a series of in-depth Q&As on what it takes to win a Your Honor Awards distinction. Read on for part four, highlighting 2016 first-place winner of the “Community Relations” category, Kelley Kronenberg.

Strategies+: In two or three sentences, describe the Your Honor Award project that you submitted.

Thomas Choberka (TC): The triathlete community, which has seen explosive growth over the last decade, is primarily comprised of senior executives and business owners who share a competitive spirit and self-driven motivation, including Kelley Kronenberg’s Partner/CFO, Heath Eskalyo, who is a sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman triathlete. (Read more about triathlon distances here.) To coincide with the firm’s philanthropic initiative and capitalize on business development, Kelley Kronenberg formed TriSharks, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. TriSharks inspires triathletes to fundraise for select charity partners as a way to add more meaning to their training and racing. And, the organization enables members to develop business relationships with like-minded athletes. TriSharks’ drive, motivation, competitiveness and commitment to bettering the community, align perfectly with the principles embodied by the firm.

Strategies+: Share with us one or two things about the project that you believe helped it stand out from the competition.

TC:  Kelley Kronenberg created TriSharks specifically around an attorney’s passion for triathlons and community service. The group, tailored solely to philanthropic triathletes, increases the effectiveness of local relationship building. To add value and increase motivation during monthly meetings, TriSharks members are presented with guest speakers who are well-recognized within the triathlon community, such as Dave Shula (former NFL coach and two-time Ironman), Leanda Cave (four-time triathlon world champion) and Hector Picard (the world’s first and only "double-arm amputee" triathlete).

Strategies+: What about the project that you originally submitted has changed, or been enhanced? 

TC: Since its formation in January 2015, the group had grown from 4 members to 22 members at the time of submission. To date, in 2017, TriSharks has 30 members.  Through consistent and active participation in the TriSharks organization, Kelley Kronenberg has built strategic business relationships with local triathletes who are also business leaders across a wide range of industries.

Strategies+: What are you plans for the project going forward?

TC: In looking ahead at the future of TriSharks, one of our primary goals is to increase the number of female members. TriSharks is designed to help all of its members grow professionally through tactical business development strategies and networking opportunities, to make a difference in our communities through consistent philanthropic efforts, and to remain dedicated to the sport through active participation in triathlons.

Think you have a comparable project that deserves Your Honor Awards recognition? Submit today.

Thomas Choberka

Thomas E. Choberka is the chief marketing and business development officer for Kelley Kronenberg, a full-service business law firm with over 120 attorneys and 10 offices throughout Florida, and Chicago. 


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