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Trendspotting – Your 2018 #LMAP3 Coverage Is Here

Posted by LMA International on May 18, 2018 5:01:16 PM


The Latest in Law Firm Marketing

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzz-worthy trends in marketing to help inspire its members. This week, we focus on the coverage of the 2018 #LMAP3 Conference that was held in Chicago May 14-16, starting with "Where Collaboration Meets Design in Legal Services" from JD Supra.

1. Where Collaboration Meets Design in Legal Services

In-house legal teams and outside counsel no longer have distant relationships. Many in-house lawyers would prefer to co-create with their service providers. Read more from JD Supra.

2. Fear Can Make Lawyers Undervalue Their Work

A large topic of discussion at #LMAP3 revolved around attorneys improperly pricing their work and undervaluing themselves out of fear. Read more from Law360.

3. In Heavyweight Bout, It's Clients v. Law Firms

During the closing session at P3, there were two law firms versus two individuals from legal departments. They went head-to-head to answer the question: Whose Fault Is It? Who is to blame for the lack of change in the legal service delivery model? Read more from

4. How Law Firms Can Use Psychology to Make More Money

Firms may be missing out on potential revenue by being behind when it comes to using psychology to price the services they sell. There are a number of psychological phenomena that influence a legal buyer's decision. Read more from Law360.

5. Clients Show Law Firms They Expect More With Report Cards

Relationships used to rule the day when it came to which law firms and partners were used by corporations as outside counsel, but now, corporate clients are grading outside counsel on an array of traits and characteristics. Read more from

Check back weekly for more industry trends from around the web!

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