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Allison Berey: A Woman Who Means Business

Posted by LMA International on Sep 19, 2017 1:14:00 PM


One of LMA's Own Is Making Waves

Allison Berey, chief marketing officer at Polsinelli, has been recognized as one of the top-ranking businesswomen in Kansas City by the Kansas City Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business program. Berey is one of 25 women inducted into this year’s Women Who Mean Business class, now in its 18th year of honoring leading businesswomen. 

Berey was involved in establishing the Kansas City chapter for the Legal Marketing Association. She is a seasoned strategic marketing executive with 25 years of experience dedicated to understanding client insights and developing business strategy. Here, she shares with Strategies+ her thoughts on achieving this milestone.

Strategies+: Describe what it means being named to this list of “Women Who Mean Business.”

Berey: The Business Journal’s “Women Who Mean Business” award recognizes women for their career accomplishments and contributions to the success of other women. I am humbled to join this well-regarded group of recipients, and know that I will benefit from exposure to their collective wisdom!

Outline the path you took in your career and the influencing factors that have gotten you to where you are today.

My path has been somewhat circuitous, yet also purposeful. I’ve worked in a number of industries, spanning financial services to consumer packaged goods, and across several continents. I joined the legal industry when I took the CMO role at Polsinelli, so at just five-plus years in legal marketing, I am relatively a newcomer!

My career has had a few consistent themes. First, I did a great deal of international work, particularly in Asia, and consulting work. These paths served to cultivate strengths in flexibility in adapting to differing and dynamic environments and identification of transferable patterns from industry to industry, which have been very useful in now immersing myself in legal. Next, I have always pursued roles with strategic focus, mostly in marketing, new business development and innovation areas. Both through working “in-house” at large companies like GE and in leading consulting work for Fortune 500 companies, I have enjoyed challenges that stretch my business expertise as it relates to competition, differentiation and growth. Finally, I have enjoyed a series of progressive management positions over time, starting with my first management job out of college. It was a headfirst way to learn, but it provided me invaluable insights into what’s most important: building a thriving, committed team of smart people who you genuinely love to work with!

In what ways have being a member of LMA helped to shape your career, and in what ways can others leverage being a member to hone their leadership skills?

LMA has provided valuable resources and a network that I value, particularly having joined legal later in my career. LMA’s programs and tools serve as a resource to my team, and our thriving Kansas City LMA chapter is a great forum for the legal marketing teams of our many KC-based firms!

What advice would you give to others who are pursuing a similar path in their career?

One big piece of advice is to seek a variety of environments in which to learn. No one company or industry can provide the rich set of experiences that a few contrasting places can, and the more we are thrust into new spaces, the more we all grow. A second element that has been invaluable is working for smart people who have challenged me and supported my professional development. I have been fortunate in maintaining and cultivating a number of these relationships over the years, and consider these people to be important mentors and friends.

Allison Berey

Allison Berey is chief marketing officer at Polsinelli, where she leads a team responsible for the broad range of business development and marketing functions for the firm nationally. During her tenure, the firm has become among only 15 firms to receive national recognition by BTI in three major client research studies on Brand Strength (ranked #20), Client Service Excellence (ranked #17), and Strongest Client Relationships (ranked #10). 

Allison is a seasoned strategic marketing executive with 25 years of experience dedicated to understanding client insights and developing business strategy. Her role encompasses marketing strategy, communications, and operations, and their alignment with firm strategy. Allison’s results-oriented approach shapes her leadership style. 

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