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Incorporate Wellness Into Your Routine

Posted by LMA International on May 4, 2020 12:00:00 PM

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By LMA International

With many employees currently working remotely, being mindful of mental health is more important now than ever. Make sure your well-being is at the top of your priority list by using these nine tips for incorporating wellness into your routine. 

1. Assess Your Surroundings

A clear workspace allows for a clear mind. Getting rid of clutter will allow you to be more productive and focused while you work. Take time to clean out your desk and then create a maintenance system to keep up on your good work.

Pro Tip: Fill your space with positive words and images to keep you motivated throughout the day.

2. Break a Sweat

It’s no secret that exercising regularly is beneficial for both your mental and physical health, but often it gets pushed to the side. Research shows that working out 30 minutes a day can improve
your mood, energy and ability to focus throughout your day.

3. Stretch It Out

Need an energy boost? Take a minute to stretch. Research shows that stretching not only improves your productivity, but it also improves your posture and flexibility and leaves you feeling refreshed.

4. Recharge Away From the "Office"

As the vast majority of employees are currently working remotely, many are struggling to draw the line between "work" and "home." When you're done working, make sure to mentally commit to putting work aside.

Try your best not to be tethered to your email. Instead, spend time with friends and family, whether that be with those who live in your household or those you connect with virtually. Taking this time away from the "office" is imperative to feeling fully recharged.

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"Taking this time away from the 'office' is imperative to feeling fully recharged."

5. Take Some "Me" Time

Many of us are programmed to feel the need to consistently go full speed ahead, which is fantastic for productivity but not always great for prioritizing self-care. By unplugging and scheduling a half hour each day for some “me” time, you can feel more refreshed and energized. It can be as simple as eating lunch away from your workspace, reading a book or meditating.

6. Nourish Your Body

In a world full of fast food and convenience, it is easy to not cook for yourself when you are busy. Often these foods don’t have the proper nutrients to fuel your body, so you tend not to have enough energy for your day. Need help getting started? Try replacing picking up food two times a week with cooking.

Pro Tip: Utilize tools like meal-prepping, grocery and meal delivery services to make cooking at home more convenient.

7. Find Your Positivity Partner

Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, trustworthy, honest people that build you up and encourage you to push forward even on your bad days. The difference can be just one person, and there many apps that you can use to keep up your virtual connections, such FaceTime, Houseparty, and Zoom, to name a few.

8. Drink Up

Drinking enough water throughout the day allows you to stay alert and focused.

Try swapping a few cups of coffee or sugary drinks with water. If you are having coffee, make sure to complement your cup with some water to combat dehydration effects.

Pro Tip: Use a reusable water bottle to make it more convenient to drink water and reduce waste!

9. Take a Breather

Make sure to take a step outside for some fresh air, especially on those sunny days. Stepping outside for a few minutes can sharpen your mind and help improve your concentration, and the sunshine will promote serotonin release, increasing your mood and helping you stay at ease.

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