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Trendspotting – Recruiting and Hiring in the Millennial Age

Posted by LMA International on Jul 6, 2018 3:16:25 PM

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The Latest in Law Firm Marketing

Each week, the Legal Marketing Association pulls the most buzzworthy trends in marketing to help inspire its members. This week, we focus on recruiting and hiring in the age of millennials, starting with a white paper shared by LMA Western Canada "A Booming Force in Law: The Millennial Lawyer" from Cubicle Fugitive.

1. A Booming Force in Law: The Millennial Lawyer

Studies show that in the next few years millennial workers will surpass the number of Boomers in the workforce. This means that some law firms may need to shift how they're doing things in order to keep millennial lawyers engaged and attract new talent. Read the full white paper from Cubicle Fugitive.

2. Think Long-Term When Hiring Students

With an influx of law students and recent grads this time of year, it may be tempting to hire a handful of new lawyers, but there are some things to consider when hiring interns and new grads. Read more from Above the Law

3. Mansfield Rule 2.0 Aims to Boost Law Firms' Diversity Efforts

Following last year's Mansfield Rule, which was created in an effort to close the gap in leadership roles for women and minorities in the legal industry, Mansfield 2.0 will launch next month. This new rule broadens the obligations of participating firms and expands the initiative to include LGBTQ+ attorneys. Read more from The American Lawyer.

4. Your Law Firm Is Paying You $190K Right Out of Law School. Now What?

In June, some law firm graduates started earning a salary of $190,000 because of a decision by a top law firm. It's going to be up to the rest of the country to see if other law firms will follow suit, but what are the possible repercussions of this shift? Read more from The American Lawyer.

5. Salary Inquiry Ban Law: What It Means for Prospective Lateral Partners at Law Firms

Several cities and states have passed salary inquiry ban laws to prohibit employers from inquiring about a job applicant's salary history. This will have implications for firms who typically ask this question, such as hiring underperforming lateral partners. Read more from Above the Law

Check back weekly for more industry trends from around the web!

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