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Volunteering for LMA – What’s in It for Me?

Posted by Jim Jarrell on Jul 11, 2017 5:08:55 PM

Discover How You Can Benefit From Volunteering Your Time


Raising your hand to volunteer or “answering leadership’s call” at the regional or local level in the Legal Marketing Association requires a steadfast commitment to advancing the mission and vision of the organization, but it also comes with very real benefits.

Perhaps the first and biggest benefit you may get from volunteering or serving as a leader in LMA is the satisfaction of incorporating LMA service into your professional life and making a difference in how your local group or region adds value to members.

The intangible benefits alone — such as a sense of pride, satisfaction and accomplishment — are worthwhile reasons to serve, but here are a few tangible benefits of volunteering to serve the organization:

  1. Connect With Your Local Region

    Active involvement at the regional or local level is the best way to stay connected with peers in your area on a regular basis, which can help you stay abreast of the trends of our constantly evolving industry and understand how those trends are affecting your market.

  2. Expand Your Professional Network

    Whether you choose to volunteer for a local committee or in a leadership role at the regional or local level, you will meet professionals from across the legal marketing and business development profession and, in many cases, from outside your own geographic footprint. You may just find that this international professional network ends up being your lifelong friends.

  3. Greater Member Engagement = Enhanced Member Value

    Your member experience can be more than just the local, regional and national programs you attend. Volunteering for the organization positively impacts your member experience thereby the value of your membership through the enhanced leadership opportunities and deeper relationships developed with other active and engaged members.

  4. Use Your Voice to Lead

    When you volunteer as a committee member or in a leadership role, you have a seat at the table where your voice can help shape the direction of the organization.

  5. Learn Something New

    Every volunteer opportunity offers a chance to stretch your skill set. With the variety of volunteer and leadership roles available in LMA, the opportunity for continued learning is virtually limitless.

Are You Ready to Lead?

The call for nominations for the regional governing boards is now open. Learn more about these unique volunteer leadership opportunities, and submit your nomination by noon central on August 1, 2017.


Jim Jarrell is director of marketing and practice development for Stark & Stark. In his current role, Jim is responsible for leading a team of six legal marketers in the planning, management and implementation of firm-wide marketing and business development initiatives.





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