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What Makes a Strategic Legal Marketer?

Posted by LMA on Feb 21, 2018 12:51:59 PM

What Makes a Strategic Legal Marketer?

LMA Members Collaborate to Define Today's Legal Marketer in E-Book

LMA is excited to announce its inclusion in the 2018 edition of Leaders in Legal Business. This e-book, published by Association of International Law Firm Networks (AILFN), covers 35 subjects on the inter-workings of the business of law, each segmented into a specific chapter authored by leading voices associated with that subject. This is the second edition of Leaders in Legal Business and the first to include a chapter on legal marketing.

Seven LMA members collaborated on the chapter titled “The Strategic Legal Marketer” that explores the evolution of the legal marketer from its roots in communications, ad campaigns and event management to today playing an increasingly strategic role for law firms.

LMA Immediate Past President Jill Weber set the stage in this piece, defining the strategic legal marketer as one who is considered to be an advocate for the voice of the client, a collaborative partner with all law firm business functions to deliver client value, and extremely engaged with business planning and client service/relationship management initiatives.

Today, legal marketing professionals bring to the table both the business acumen and skillset necessary to add unique, substantive value in helping develop new business. As legal marketing professionals look to further position themselves as highly valued partners within their firms, LMA is advocating for members by shedding light on the many ways legal marketers contribute. In this piece, LMA breaks out these contributions by highlighting the skills of legal marketers as seen through the lens of the LMA Body of Knowledge (BoK). Each section of the chapter is authored by a different LMA member:

  • Business of Law: The late Ian Turvill described proficiency in the business of law as an ability to understand the legal profession, evaluate firm financial and operational performance, build strategies to leverage marketing opportunities, and implement practices that maximize performance.
  • Client Services: Jennifer L. Ahner describes how a focus on client service initiatives will yield dividends. When attorneys make clients feel special and appreciated, relationships are solidified, work is referred and legal marketers are valued for positively impacting the firm’s bottom line.
  • Communications: Ryan King describes how the ability to be an effective communicator leads to leadership opportunities by being perceived as an individual able to receive and distribute complex information in a way that keeps stakeholders satisfied.
  • Technology Management: Adam Stock explains that those who market must have a mastery of different technologies in order to apply them appropriately.
  • Business Development: Amber Bollman describes the ability to demonstrate well-honed business development skills and provide guidance and support to attorneys as they work to expand their books of business. These skills allow legal marketers to not only establish credibility and earn respect within their firms, but also position themselves for greater engagement in strategic decisions and a more active role in shaping the trajectory of the business.
  • Marketing Management and Leadership: Katherine V. D'Urso addresses how a highly functioning marketing organization transforms what would otherwise be random acts of marketing into systematic efforts that help achieve a firm’s strategic objectives. These skills amplifying the value of the function and benefit the organization.

LMA’s participation in the 2018 Leaders in Legal Business is an important part of the association’s professional advocacy initiative by sharing the strategic roles and business-oriented contributions of today’s legal marketers.  

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